Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

After a particularly spendy month I’m hoping for a much less spendy weekend. $25 tonight for take-out Indian food and beer, various fancy coffees and snacks tomorrow ($10), provisions for a rooftop party ($20), a grocery run on Sunday ($50) and a small gift for a pal ($20). I’d be happy to keep it under $120, really.

I’m still reeling from spending $50 (!!!) on a heritage t-shirt from Club Monaco that was entirely too much for a T-shirt. I got totally suckered because the old logo invokes major nostalgia of my youth. I also recently spent $40 on a summer dress, just as we headed into a week of gloom and rain so I can’t even take it out for a spin (and you know you’re happy with a purchase when you just want to wear it right away).

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