I Don’t Feel Bad About My Latte
Allie Scully

I get the writing and the cheeky tone, but, while I sense we’re being gently trolled, I am also not convinced by the philosophy. And I’m also someone who flippin’ loves the creature comforts of life and a $5 caffeine sugar drink, but just from time to time.

I see in the writing some increasing self-awareness and situation that will eventually brew over. Predicting the future (because I totally can), I sense a Billfold post in two years about how the author used to love daily lattes but found making some minor lifestyle adjustments led to stability and financial freedom and a life where she has a stable financial platform and can focus on stuff (and still have lattes from time to time). If you hang around Billfold long enough, doesn’t the message of financial responsibility just start to seep into one’s bloodstream?

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