Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I’m late jumping in, but going for it anyways. I’m taking an extra long weekend and don’t know what that means for finances. Since the focus is relaxing and cleaning, I hope the impact will be minimal.

The husbo got brunch today ($25 pp) and either I’m getting half of the family dinner tonight ($90 approx.) or $0 if someone else ends up paying.

Sunday is hopefully around $10 for coffee and a snack, and perhaps $2o to pick up some groceries and other miscellany for brunch the next day (juice, extra veggies).

Monday is mostly a day in with pals coming over for brunch, after which a food coma will likely debilitate me until the evening. Perhaps an extra $30 for a dinner or drinks out some night. Tuesday is my extra extra long weekend day, which I am treating myself with a lazy swim, breakfast ($15) and some self care efforts (massage and a trip to the naturopath, both 100% covered). We signed up for a meal delivery service (ingredients only) that should cover us for at least 3 dinners and 3 lunches (each) this week. It’s arriving on Tuesday, so that night will be devoted to cooking up the first meal. This will hopefully help us meet our resolution to eat at home more. With a Groupon, the 12 meals total are only about $60. So like $200is for 4 days?

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