15 facts about Japan and japanese people

Once you visit this amazing country of the rising sun, you won’t forget it. I must admit that Japan is really another world, special, unique and unbelievable. People in Japan are living in peace and have many rules, apart from that they are the most polite people I’ve ever met. After 14 days staying in different cities, I noticed some specialities of Japanese culture. Today I will share my discoverings.

1. Japanese people are super polite.

If you need any help, they will help you for sure, event if they don’t speak English properly or at all. They will show you the way using maps (all Japan has translated metro stations), so even if you lost or didn’t understand something, you can ask.

2. Japanese eat rice all day.

Not all day long for sure :) but they eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is big variety of dishes based on rice:

Gohan or Meshi: plainly cooked white rice.
Curry rice (karē raisu カレーライス) — photo from the left. Chāhan (炒飯): fried rice, adapted to Japanese tastes, tends to be lighter in flavor and style than the Chinese version from which it is derived — photo from the right.
Genmai gohan (玄米御飯): brown rice from the left side. Hayashi rice (ハヤシライス): thick beef stew on rice from the right side.
Kamameshi (釜飯): rice topped with vegetables and chicken or seafood, then baked in an individual-sized pot — from the left. Mugi gohan/Mugi meshi (麦御飯, 麦飯) white rice cooked with barley — from the right.
Ochazuke (御茶漬け): hot green tea or dashi (出汁) poured over cooked white rice, often with various savory ingredients such as umeboshi (梅干) or tsukemono (漬物) — from the left side. Okowa (おこわ): cooked glutinous rice from the right side.
Omurice (Omu-raisu, オムライス): omelet filled with fried rice, apparently originating from Tōkyō from the left side picture. Onigiri (おにぎり): balls of rice with a filling in the middle. Japanese equivalent of sandwiches — from right side.
Sekihan (赤飯): white rice cooked with azuki beans (小豆) to Glutinous rice. (literally red rice) — left side.Takikomi gohan (炊き込み御飯): Japanese-style pilaf cooked with various ingredients and flavored with soy, dashi, etc — right side.
Tamago kake gohan (卵掛け御飯): Rice with a raw egg from left side. Mochi (餅): glutinous rice cake — from right side.

Once the rice was a currency. In a time of hunger they carried it and saved for eating. That’s why in the culture it’s impolite not to finish your rice and your meal in general.

3. Japanese sweets are not sweet at all.

Traditional desserts contain chestnuts, matcha tea, rice flower. In this amazing country they believe that if the dessert isn’t sweet, it’s good quality.

4–5. Japanese “fashion” is not “fashion” at all & Japanese are friendly to any photo or camera.

Socks with ribbons, bags with “Hello Kitty”, multicolour are normal things. Wide and short trousers are also a part of Japanese style.

6. All men carry bags.

The bags we used to see like a part of women style, in Japan are a part of male style. At the beginning you think they are strange but in some time you get use for that unique unusual thing.

7. In Japan everything is on time.

Metro map of Tokyo

All trains are on time. People are punctual, everything works clearly and properly.

8. Porn industry in Japan is very popular.

We entered only one but there are many ones. :O

9. The toilets in Japan are unique.

Let’s say bathrooms are special which means with music, melodies, bidet and other things for health.

10. Water or Green Tea are for free in restaurants.

In some restaurants water is for free, in some — tea. Usually when you order food, they bring you tea, or you take the water by yourself. It depends on the restaurant and the city.

For example, in sushi restaurants in Tokyo they brought us fresh almost cold water at the beginning, while we were waiting for sushi and when we finished eating they were insisting for taking the tea, and we took it. The bill included only the price of sushi.

When we had lunch next to Fushimi Inari, they brought us tea pot at the beginning and they were rifilling it constantly. We payed only for food.

11. Almost all use iPhones.

Japan uses Vpay everywhere and new iPhone is also useful here. It doesn’t matter the age or preferences, they use this brand.

In metro many adult men were playing PokemonGo! It doesn’t matter that you are almost 45 y.o. man, you play :)

12. Japanese are not showing their feelings.

It’s well-known fact but in any case I decided to include it into my list.

If you are going to Japan, be ready to have all eyes on you, when you hug your boyfriend, I’m not saying about kissing in public places.

Respect the traditions and be polite :)

13. The Female-only coaches are really existing.

Privacy, your own space and all phones with the sound of camera even when the silent mode is on. Everything is for protecting female from perverts.

14. Japanese buys only the best things.

If we talk about fruit, Japanese will buy only attractive and good looking fruit. All of them are exported. Only in Japan you can find 1 banana for 1 euro.

15. You can order and pay your dinner outside the restaurant.

Then you enter, give the bill and wait for your dish.

Japan has other 100 or more different things, when I remember something, for sure I will update this list.

I’m pretty sure that we will go to Japan once again. What a country, what a country! :)

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