My Do’s & Don’ts

Feb 23, 2018 · 4 min read

This is a great idea (which I took from @Salatshop) to share about your main thoughts of life and your position.

I’m feeling that my time has come.

I’ll share my position about life, good mood and health. Why I do something and why I don’t.

So let’s start.


  1. I enjoy traditions, those ones you created by yourself. For example, in Rome I use to drink cappuccino in the morning on weekends in bar. I love it a lot. Taste is amazing, atmosphere is relaxing and at the same time active. There are many Italians in bar: with kids, dogs, or with friends. I like to be a part of this ritual when you read a newspaper during your breakfast and meet a friend. Or talk to barman about weather or a concert of a rock band.

2. I like to practice yoga, even if I do it not that often as I want but it makes me happy. Now it’s so easy because there is youtube, so you open your laptop, take a carpet and start. Recently I discovered a good brand @ShambhalaBarcelona so I recommend it to you too :)

3. I like to meet new people and explore cities. This year has started with Milan and Venice — and it was only in January. I’m sure this year will bring more nice events and moments.

4. I love my friends and I understand that everyone has his/her own life. We all change, move forward but still we keep in touch. I see time passing but I lose the perception of time when I’m with my friends.

5. I like to send postcards. Yes, it’s 21st century, yes, we all have Instagram. Yes, yes, yes! But I like it a lot. Recently I opened my old profile in Postcrossing and sent about 6 postcards, I received back about 10. They were so cool and funny, but I like those ones I use to receive from my real friends. Thank you Kat, Nina, Liza, Kate for keeping this hobby alive :)

6. What about food and lifestyle in Italy? I tell you that I’m pretty considerable with menu, Italian kitchen is rich. For now it’s about 2 years that I’m in Rome and it took me time to understand what I can eat and what I can’t. From here we move to Don’ts


  1. I don’t eat pasta. Well, I eat it but once per month. The same thing is with pizza :) There is only one difference — I love pizza so I can permit it, but not that often :)

2. I don’t get offensive, this emotion takes energy. I’m considering all the situations as experience. One of my very best friends forgot to say Happy Birthday to me, she wrote me late in the night saying how she felt bad. I’m thinking that friendship is a mix of situation we pass through.

3. I don’t work with friends. I can work with people and then become friends but not on the contrary. At least for now I can’t mix it. I didn’t have nice experience: or work for free and for nothing, or you respect your friend that much that can’t share work because you know all sides of you and your friend as a person.

4. I don’t work for free. I had a lot of experience with free things I did, with all ideas and projects. For now not anymore, and with friend neither :)

5. I don’t give up. When I moved to Rome, I thought that I could find a job here, but the 2nd year here there is nothing. If you know where to search — tell me ;)

6. I don’t stop learning. 2018 has started with many courses online. Now I want to get GoogleAdwords certificate and get more deeper in social media tools.

I still run my blog about Rome and searching for an inspiration everywhere. I do love travels. I believe in connections and think that you are the main hero in your life.

Thank you for reading me and see you soon :)



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enjoying my life in eternal city and writing about it

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