How to obtain Italian Permesso di soggiorno — permission for living

Electronic version of Italian permission of living

I’ll tell you my story. If you want to move to Italy, you will have such a process for obtaining the documents. Here you can find information for your situation. I can say that all the countries which are out of the European Union, USA, Canada, Australia must obtain the permission.

I was born in Ukraine, in the sunny and beautiful city of Odessa. I had to collect many documents to get married in Italy long time before the marriage.

If you want to register your marriage in Italy and you are foreigner (not from EU), you need to have Nulla Osta. Nulla Osta is produced by Ukrainian Consulate in Rome.

For receiving this document you need to collect the following:

  1. Take the document that you are single in Ukraine. You simply go to notarius. What you need: only your national passport and to be present. Prices are different: from 150 uah till 300 uah.
  2. Document of your residence — created in JEK (town-hall of your city), where it’s stated in which street and city you are living.
  3. Certificate of your birth. Attention! For those who were born in USSR, those green certificates are not valid. As if USSR is not existing anymore, you need to receive new certificate, Ukrainian version. For this you go for registration office, where your parents registered your birth. You bring with you old green certificate and your national passport. New certificate of birth is created in 20 mins and it’s for free.
  4. You need to have 2 copies of your international and national passports.
  5. Your future husband also has to bring his copy of passport or ID.

After that you go to Italy to Ukrainian Consulate. To get there it’s not that easy.

Ukrainian Consulate. Address: via Monte Pramaggiore 13, Roma

It’s located far from city center. We took the car.

When you enter Ukrainian Consulate, security asks you the reason and to show your documents.

Then you start to be in queue: simple queue of people with no electronic number. When your turn arrives, you give all the documents for a check and then they give you the form for Nulla Osta, which you need to fill. After that you have two options: 1) wait for Nulla Osta 14 days or 2) create it immediately. Prices are different: to make it immediate costs double price about 30–35 euros. We’ve chosen this solution. You can pay everywhere. To do it quick, we went to a bank which was the closest place to Consulate. After paying, you go back with bill and receive Nulla Osta. Congratulations! It’s just the very 1st and smallest step.

Having Nulla Osta is not enough, you need to legalize it in Prefettura. All documents which are not created on national ground (embassies and consulates belong to the Countries of their competence) must be legalized in order to be valid also in the Country in which you have to deliver them. For that you need to buy the taxes stamp (marca da bollo) in Tabacchi, take Nulla Osta and go to bed early. :)

Prefettura, Sportello Unico dell’Immigrazione, Via Ostiense 131/L

This office is located not in city center, so you need to see how to get there in the morning, because it is open until 11:30.

Better to come at the office early in the morning, around 6:45-7 a.m. to be in line before the opening (only the first 50 people are allowed to enter for respecting the closing time).

The office is located at the 2nd floor of the stair B. Can you imagine that at 7 a.m. there were already 6 people waiting? So better to be earlier. We were free around 9 a.m., so we could have breakfast in the nearest bar.

Legalized Nulla Osta

Having Nulla Osta legalized, you go to the Town Hall where your future husband has residence, where you can apply for marriage registration.

In case your Italian is basic or even lower, you need to have certified interpreter. In my case with basic Italian, we needed to have interpreter, passports and Nulla Osta.

Important moment: if you were born in a small village, make town hall specialists understand that village is existing, because the place of birth must be in Italian system of information.

I was born in Odessa, but my documents were registered in a small village. In order to have all documents without any problem for future verifications, you must communicate to Italian town hall the name of the place written on your birth certificate.

When information is checked, you need to sign up document after which you are officially engaged. Congratulations!

After you applied for marriage, your names will appear on the website of the town hall in the Publications section. Names will remain for 2 weeks, for giving time to people to oppose to the marriage (if any).

It’s like the classical sentence you hear in movies: “if someone is against this marriage, speak now or shut forever”.

All information about the couple

In 2 weeks, you can go back to town hall to choose the date and the place of marriage. Regarding the place, civil weddings can be celebrated in 3 places in Rome. The employee at the town hall will show you which and some pictures so you can choose.

Of course the service must be paid. If your future husband is resident in Rome the price is 150 euros; if he isn’t, then price is 1500 euros. After paying you will receive such a document (we chose Sala Rossa in Campidoglio) and 2 passes for cars to enter in private areas.


After your marriage, on the next day you need to go to Questura Roma Divisione Straineri, sportello immigrazione. You can call them, write e-mails. But you need to go there to get information.

Via Teofilo Patini 23

I must tell you that the queue is already big at 7 a.m. When you arrive, take the right side, where there are mostly women, the other side only men. Your case — family, so take right side. You can enter the office starting from 8:15 a.m. if you are not far in line.

At 8:15 a.m. gates are opening and people can enter one by one for police and military controls. They check everything: inside bags, if you have lighters, water which you have to drink, etc.

Inside there is another line for taking a ticket number. Yes, yes, a lot of lines. When you see your number, you go for asking the information.

You show your passport, your husband passport and certificate of marriage. They give you the list of documents which you need to collect and the date of the appointment when you need to deliver everything.

Here is the list of documents:

  1. 4 photos
  2. Taxes stamp marca da bollo
  3. Passport + copy
  4. Certificate of marriage
  5. Estratto of marriage
  6. Presence of the husband (Italian with passport and a copy)
  7. Status of the family
  8. Certificate of residence of husband
  9. Cessione di fabbricato

We had a month to collect them. Let’s start step by step:

1–4. You can make photos, buy taxes stamp, make a copy of your passport and certificate of marriage in one day.

5. Estratto you need to wait for 3 weeks. So the faster you ask for it in Comune di Roma of the district in which you are going to live, the better. For this document you need to pay 1 euro for a stamp.

7–8. For Italian law, these two documents must be certified with a self declaration. Public Administration is not allowed to ask for the certificates.

9. Important! If you live with your Italian husband at his house, you need to create this document immediately: he must declare that in his house a foreigner is living. He has 48 hours time since the entrance of the foreigner, otherwise he has to pay penalties of 300 euros. This document must be created in Commissariato di Polizia of the district you live.

When the documents are collected, you go to Questura again.

You deliver the documents, they call you for finger prints, prints of your hand, colour of eyes, hair, height, etc.

Then you wait for your permission. Usually it’s 1–4 weeks. In my case it was a week. During this week the police can come and check if you are living together. For this thing your husband communicates to Questura the time when you are together at home. You will have such a document.

In this document it’s written the date when you Permission of living will be ready. There is also written the website in which you can check online if the document is ready.

We checked a day before. We went back to Questura on the day they wrote to go, and we received the document. Important: for family reasons, in Rome, this document is a paper (half of an A4), whereas for working reasons it’s an electronic card. Neverthless it has the same value but different deadline: for working reason you need to update every 2 years, whereas for family reasons it is valid for 5 years and after that it’s endless.

Welcome! Now you can change residence, create Tessera Sanitaria, and in 45 days from changing residence you will receive ID.

How to receive them? Well, it’s another story. :)