Furniture Necessities for the Streetwear Enthusiast

More and more brands have rolled out lifestyle products from lighters and cushions to chairs and more. We’re exploring the top artistic and aesthetically pleasing furniture and accent pieces for street wear enthusiasts. Below is a list of 3 mention worthy designers/brands that we think you’ll love. Take a look and let us know what other collaborations/designers should be on the next feature.

@aconceptstudio | Instagram

The Chicago based artist is gaining a reputation for his hand crafted, elegant wood works. Generally engraving and painting inspired prints and designs from a famed artists, such as: KAWS, BAPE, Takashi MURAKAMI and more. He’s collaborated with local boutique Notre Shop to display smaller coasters in the past. You can cop or have you dream piece created by emailing: Check out his work below.

Modernica | (@modernica)

Modernica, the California based mid century modern aesthetic designer has collaborated with several street-wear giants including, Anti Social Club, BAPE, Supreme Undefeated, and Stussy. “Modernica is the original manufacturer of the iconic Eames Fiberglass Chair, a furniture classic by now”, silhouette can be found on overstock and wayfair for a slew of price ranges. You can shop the original at:

IKEA (@ikeausa)

For the beginning stage collector or for those freshly starting out on decorating your home, Ikea (the Scandinavian minimalist furniture giant) may be the perfect choice. A fan favorite of several sneaker enthusiast you can easily decorate and entire room within any budget. Mid century modern pieces, in door and outdoor selections make Ikea a brand you’ll see in many households across the world. Check out photos below for inspiration.

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