The comments on this thing are bonkers.

So let me get this straight. Men respond to feminism saying that it’s saturated with sexist assumptions and bigotry, and you’re response to them is that “they don’t have a say in this conversation because they can not see all of it”? Because you apparently cannot see what is offending men. Does that mean you can’t have a say in this conversation, because you can’t see all of it? Assuming you’re not sexist, by your own logic you’d have to admit yes, you have no say in this conversation. Of course that’s absurd.

How about instead of attempting to promote concentrated intolerance of plural views and in particular instead of attempting to silence men on the topic of gender, you do us the courtesy of listening with respect. Perhaps you think that if you treat men like people, they’ll turn around and start “oppressing” you? Here’s a newsflash: nearly everyone in the western world believe men and women should be equal. You want men to like feminism? Then start treating people with the respect and civility you expect of them in return, and especially stop spewing this divisive, toxic hatred.