What’s in your own backyard?

Let us help you find business opportunities in your own backyard!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa covers an area of 72.07 miles squared and it is the second largest city in Iowa. There are over 30 City Council boards, commissions, and subcommittees that have financial decision making powers and the focus of these commissions, boards and committees varies greatly.

For example, Cedar Rapids’ City Council has a Long Term Planning Commission and a Plumbing Board of Appeals. Additionally, there are public colleges, such as Kirkwood Community College, in Cedar Rapids that establish official and unofficial committees with community leaders and community partners to discuss budgetary issues. If we step back and look beyond the city and look at Linn County, we can find over 60 committees and advisory committees. All of these convening groups make decisions, some allocate public funds, and they all take minutes with valuable information that is available to the public.

To get straight to the point, it is impossible to know all of the business opportunities that exist in your own backyard. Although it is easy to assume that we know the ins and outs of our home turf, reading the local newspapers, or even knowing certain people in certain places, is no longer enough.

Using Cedar Rapids as an example, in an area that covers less than a 100 mile radius, there are over 100 committees, boards, commissions, government agencies and decision making bodies that are looking for vendors. In order to secure that your business is in the know and aware of business opportunities, it is important to use a service that gathers information for you. This saves time, money, and it can broaden a business’ sales leads.

In one of our earlier blogs, we outlined 3 ways in which businesses can use the information gathered from a service to help them win at public bidding. One of the smartest things a business can do to win public bids is to not waste time. Having a service like Curate use cutting edge technology, artificial intelligence, and automation technologies to read through countless pages of meeting minutes will save you time and it will allow you to focus on winning business opportunities.

Words By: Jessica Franco-Morales