Top 10 Reasons to Visit Ireland Right Now

Once you’ve landed in Dublin, it only makes sense to see as much of Ireland’s world-renowned landmarks and iconic landscapes as possible. Keep your camera handy for fairy-tale castles, breathtaking natural wonders, and spectacular scenery throughout your trip in Éire. Meet amiable locals over delicious drinks at famous local bars and ask about the best things to do in Ireland. Dublin dwellers are friendly, helpful, and proud of their country’s gems, so be ready to take long, detailed notes.

Of course, it helps if you have a travel bucket list handy to easily cross off the must-see places in Ireland. Should you ever need an excuse to visit Éire, here are ten reasons to add Ireland to your travel plans right now:

1. You will get the best value for your money.

You’ve read in many Ireland travel guides that a family trip to paradise doesn’t come cheap. But you will be surprised to find that flights to Ireland’s main cities are offered at bargain prices. This trend of cheap air travel is inspired by the national airline of ireland, Aer Lingus, which provides some of the lowest airfares from the US to Dublin.

Besides Aer Lingus, you can also travel to Ireland from the US via European carriers and US-based airlines. Find the cheapest flights from the US to Dublin or Shannon when you book round trip plane tickets at least three months before your travel dates. United Airlines, for instance, has excellent flight deals from Chicago to Dublin in September. A one-stop flight to Ireland from the US usually takes 10 hours of air travel on average. As soon as you arrive in Ireland, you will see why it was worth the effort.

2. Get a fascinating glimpse of Irish history and heritage.

Ardcroney Church in Folk Park at Bunratty Castle — Ireland (Image by John Menard)

Ireland has no places with Roman ruins or ancient tombs to brag about. But what it lacks in Romanian grandeur, it makes up for in its beautiful array of prehistoric gems, Celtic myths, Irish castles, and early Christian structures. Fascinated by history? Start your exploration in Ireland’s countryside where mythical and historical places abound. Many of Ireland’s rural areas are littered with stone-age formations and fortifications, as well as burial sites. Gain a deeper appreciation for iron-age forts, remnants from Viking towns, splendid tower houses, and stunning 18th century houses when you travel to these places with a knowledgeable local guide.

Dozens of awesome old castles are also scattered throughout Ireland’s verdant and serene countryside. If you rent a car, you will cover more tourist sights and discover Instagram-worthy places off the beaten path. It helps to decide which ones to see ahead of time. Set your inner child free, and choose from the best castles in Ireland, namely Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle, Doe Castle, and Cahir Castle. You can even stay in a castle, such as Ashford Castle, and experience what it’s like to live among the nobles. You won’t think twice about booking a trip to Ireland with the best flight deals from New York to Dublin only at Flight Guru.

3. You can go Ireland island hopping like a local.

Ireland is not one of the places on earth that sun-chasers and beach bums long to visit. But it doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect island getaway for you and your family when you travel to Ireland. Each island destination in Ireland offers unique treats and surprises. You can choose to explore these islands on day trips or an extended vacation.

For starters, you can travel to c to enjoy surfing and sandy, windy beaches. History buffs may want to spend a day at the famed home of Irish pirate queen Grainne O’Malle and learn about the story of this formidable leader. Alternatively, you can go for a ride on a cable car in Dursey Island, or if you’re slightly scared of heights, opt for calm wildlife watching tours to meet whales, dolphins, and birds in their natural habitats. Last but not the least, if you travel to Ireland to get the best angle of Cliff of Moher, you should stay in Inis Oirr in Aran Islands to fully appreciate its grandeur.

Achill Island, Ireland, image by Irish Fireside

4. Try outdoor activities you wouldn’t expect to find in Ireland.

Whether you’re looking for things to do in Ireland with the family or with your significant other, the country offers limitless options. The many outstanding outdoor activities include horseback riding, cycling, golfing, sailing, trekking, and even surfing. There’s something to suit every traveler of any ability.

For instance, outdoor lovers are sure to adore Achill Island. Here you can find numerous walking paths to the mountains. Water sports activities also abound, from surfing to sea-kayaking. Seasoned surfers and windsurfing newbies can find spots for recreation and fun. Whatever you choose to spend time on, an Irish adventure will definitely linger long in your memory. Have an inexpensive vacation to Ireland when you get the lowest flight deals via Flight Guru.

5. See otherworldly places.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Do you like mesmerizing vistas? Ireland has glorious scenery in abundance. The spots with majestic, almost magical landscapes include the Giant’s Causeway, Skellig Islands, Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher, Connemara National Park, and Wicklow Way. Remember to bring your camera because the sights and attractions are absolutely photo-worthy.

Drive around the rugged terrain of the Ring of Kerry, or stroll through the coastline of its stunning seasides. While tracing the loop, keep your eyes peeled for historic forts, quaint rural houses, a monastery, ancient stones, and parks. Have more time to spare? Seek more beauty in Wicklow County by visiting top attractions, such as Powerscourt Waterfall, Greenan Farm Museums & Maze, Hunting Brook Gardens, Glendalough Upper Lake, and more. Looking for other popular day trips from the city center? Try Glendalough, Cooley Peninsula, or The Burren. Stop dreaming and start flying to Dublin with these fantastic airfare deals.

6. Sample some of the finest festivals in Ireland.

Ireland’s festival scene has boomed over the years, and with so much going on, your options are endless. Depending on your travel dates and interests, you might want to plan your trip around these festivals: Jameson Dublin International Film Festival in February; St Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival in March; Down With Jazz in May or June; Guinness Cork Jazz Festival in October; and Dublin Writers Week in May.

St Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival inireland

Some travelers admit they have booked a trip to Ireland to attend prestigious international festivals held in the country. Some of the world’s best artists, performers, and writers have emerged from the Eire, attracting visitors to experience their delightfully rich arts and culture. You will be dancing on your way to Ireland with this 50% discount on your flights to Dublin from Boston.

7. Have a taste of real Irish beer and Ireland’s pub culture.

Want to know what the perfect Irish pub is like? Leave your hometown, and fly to Ireland to witness its buzzing nightlife and vibrant pub culture. Ales are the staple items that best welcome you to Irish cities. Sample them, and make friends with the locals. When building a rapport with the locals, resist the urge to say your grandmother is Irish. Opt for more creative ice-breakers, like describing your home city to a foreigner. The long-held stereotype that Ireland is full of redheads and that they will speak to you in Irish will end as soon as you enter the social scene in a pub.

Irish Pub, Ireland

Among the Irish beers worth trying here are Murphy’s Irish Stout, Beamish Irish Stout, and Guinness Draught. Any of these options will give you a taste of traditional Irish brew while you mingle with the locals and have fun with fellow tourists. Flying from Chicago to Dublin this June? Get 50% off the average last-minute airfares with these flight deals.

8. Watch basking sharks around the Irish coast.

Some tourists prefer to go kayaking to spot basking sharks around the Irish coast. Soak up the stunning views of Irish islands, and watch one of the most amazing animals to swim in earth’s oceans. The basking sharks are rare. When you get the chance to get a glimpse of the world’s second-largest fish (the first are the whale sharks), you will think it’s unreal.

This encounter with wild and humongous plankton-eating sharks isn’t reserved for marine biologists. Anyone with a healthy curiosity and a great capacity for wonder should never miss this experience. Look for cheap flights for two from Dublin (DUB) to Donegal (CFN) via flight guru and save money on your trip.

9. Hear authentic Irish, and see Ireland at its purest.

Does you heart leap at the sound of Irish language in its authentic form? You should definitely include a trip to Connemara. Linguist or not, this is one of best places to visit in Ireland to listen to the pure version of the Irish language.

If you came here to listen to the original language of Ireland, you will stay for the beauty of its countryside. Within hours of landing at Galway from Dublin, drive to the heart of Connemara and feel free to point your camera anywhere. No matter what you have seen in postcards and magazines about Ireland, nothing can prepare you for the grandeur this place offers. Interested in cheap airfares from Los Angeles to Dublin? Check out the cheapest flight quotes via Flight Guru and plan an ultimate Irish getaway.

10. Visit the real capital of Ireland.

Cork is the true capital city of Ireland, at least according to its enthusiastic residents. When you only have a day to explore this Irish gem, be sure to cover the highlights. For starters, receive the coveted gift of gab by kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle. Then, check out the Blarney Woollen Mills on the way for an hour or two to see how Irish craftsmen used to spin and weave wool backed in the 1800s. Pilgrims and tourists also love to stop by the Church of St. Anne to say a prayer and ring the bells while soaking up the views of the entire city below.

Blarney Castle by Heather Elias

See what an 18th-century trading hall looks like by paying the English Market a quick visit. And don’t leave without seeing Red Abbey’s sandstone building and Saint Fin Barre’s sacred Gothic-style cathedral, where services are still held until this day. It’s a challenge to cram Cork into a single day, but it is well-worth the hassle. Not sure when to take an Ireland holiday? You can fly from New York to Cork with these excellent flight deals.

Going to Ireland for the first time? Keep these reasons in mind, or better yet, add more places in Ireland that we should include on this list. Tell us why you think Ireland should be your next travel destination!