Brand Perception: Staying Relevant in Today’s Changing Retail Climate

Article by Dean Forbes, CEO of Curb Crowser

Today we’re launching our Breakfast Club series, a weekly record on industry trends, our community, and how we at Curb Crowser approach the ins and outs of thought leadership across the many industries we work in. Every Friday, our team gets together for breakfast, coffee, and conversation in our dining nook — looking back at the past week and looking forward to new challenges in the week ahead. Consider this your invitation to join us in the conversation!

Early last week, YouGov BrandIndex released results from its latest survey highlighting some major brand perception changes powered by millennials. From old to new, we’re seeing which companies are blossoming, and which companies are struggling to maintain relevancy in today’s consumer climate. YouGov’s list includes some newcomers mixed in with relative veterans to the market — ranging from AirBNB to Delta, and even Instagram to Adidas. The twist? Half of the brands featured by YouGov existed before the internet was even up and running (or widely used) — Puma and Ace Hardware to name a few.

Even Minneapolis-based Target is changing the way it approaches consumer trends — especially millennials. Just recently, Target announced an end to two of its most well-known in-house brands in lieu of four new brands it’ll introduce in stores to be “more stylish and durable”.

It’s clear the state of retail (in part thanks to technology) is in its own ‘evolution’, moving quicker and quicker as days go by and as trends take shape on new channels of communication. Brands are working overtime in new ways to appeal to an energetic generation that’s placing a premium on brand experience and aesthetic. Even brands that have been around for a long time are finding new ways to stay relevant — leaving brands that haven’t been adapting to consumer changes in the dust.

As mindsets and lifestyles are changing, so are the ways that consumers view brands and products. We’ve spent the last 23 years working with our clients every day to put them — from start-ups to Fortune 100s alike — in the front of an increasingly competitive pack. Relevancy is the name of the game, and we’re continuing to dedicate ourselves every day to staying ahead of that curve.

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