Four ways to add Curb Appeal through a new brand identity

Article by Kelly Welch, Senior Account Manager at Curb Crowser

In an age where brands have become an extension of consumers’ personas, brand authenticity is more important than ever. A strong brand is critical for success, even when you have a good product. Whether you’re considering a re-brand, brand refresh or identity from the ground up, we’ve compiled some tips from the agency perspective.

1) Embrace change and step outside of your comfort zone.

We all know that change can be hard. But it’s critical to change and evolve to stay front and center in consumers’ minds. Embrace a new direction! As an agency, we often say our job is to push clients and make them uncomfortable at times. Be open and welcoming to a unique perspective. There may be aspects to leverage from a concept even if you move in a different direction. And if you fear resistance within, put a core team in place to champion the change and keep the broader team involved to create a sense of inclusion and to build excitement.

2) Don’t undervalue insights.

There’s no surefire way to guarantee success, but insights can be extremely powerful, giving us the best shot. By evaluating data, general trends, behavioral insights, competitors, etc. we can identify how your brand lives uniquely in the world and delivers value back to the consumer, being authentic to the brand in a way that resonates with the core audience. And insights shouldn’t be seen as a one and done exercise. They should be infused into the entire process from identity through execution, amplifying creative and making decisions faster (and less costly).

3) Support a new brand with appropriate execution and associated budget.

So you’ve got a flashy new brand. Great! But without the support of resources, we can’t expect to further awareness and create evangelists. Start with the insights to determine priority touchpoints for your core audiences. And DON’T execute in a vacuum. Maintain consistency while tailoring your approach to your audiences based on environment and mindset at each unique moment.

4) The process should be FUN.

With strong insights and a decisive team, it shouldn’t be a painful, drawn out process. Build a strong client-agency relationship with trust, respect, openness and honestly.

Approaching your brand identity using these four steps will get you and your brand on the path to success. At Curb, we’ve been building effective, successful brands for over twenty years. Want to dive even deeper? Let’s get connected.