Let’s take a look at that iPhone habit

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Sep 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Article by Tyler Harberts, Director of Technology (aka our very own tech guru) at Curb Crowser

Everyone has seen someone frantically swiping up on their iPhone screen, and let’s be honest, you’re probably guilty, too. Are they playing an intense game of Fruit Ninja? Probably not. Swiping through their Instagram feed at lightning speed? Maybe.

The more likely culprit? That person is probably closing out or “cleaning up” their apps to preserve battery power or reduce data usage. But, hold up. Are those apps really harming your phone?

John Gruber, arguably the most respected Apple advocate blogger, went in depth to try and stop the rumors. Let’s read up: https://daringfireball.net/2017/07/you_should_not_force_quit_apps.

So, what are the key highlights to take from the article? Here’s a refresh and why you should rethink the finger workout:

  1. As I’m sure you’re familiar, your recently used apps appear when you double-click the Home button. The apps aren’t open, but they are in standby mode to help you navigate and multitask between pages. You should force an app to close only when it’s unresponsive.
  2. Turns out your battery life will be worse and it will take much longer to switch apps if you force quit apps in the background.
  3. Still not convinced? Hear it straight from Steve Jobs himself, “Just use [iOS multitasking] as designed, and you’ll be happy. No need to ever quit apps.”

If you’re a “serial app-closer” at heart, it might be time to reconsider what all that swiping is really doing to your phone. We’d love to know, what iPhone myths have you debunked?

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