This week in retail: Halloween candy display

There’s a lot happening here: ghouls, goblins, that bright yellow M&M in an even brighter coffin, and America’s favorite Halloween staple — candy.

If every inch of this display doesn’t scream Halloween, I don’t know what does. But — kudos to Mars on their execution, because this also screams: Stop. A. Shopper.

Clearly, this is a timely display — Halloween is on the top of shopper’s minds. Like many seasonal displays, the opportunity lies in making shopping a convenient and positive experience. Here’s how this display accomplishes just that:

Tells a story without using words. Since shoppers know Halloween is upon us, it doesn’t take a lot of words to tell the story here, outside of the simple tagline of “Happy Halloween.”

Scale. Getting to take up this much floor space in a retailer is a win for Mars and having a display this eye catching is a win for the retailer. It’s a cue that says, “HEY, HALLOWEEN IS THIS WAY!” and leads customers right to the products they need.

It’s colorful. The bright swaths of yellow and orange color-block well being both attention grabbing and seasonally appropriate, while still being on-brand for M&M’s.

It’s organized. Through the use of the M&M’s characters and Snickers logo, shoppers know exactly what selections they can expect to find in this display. The stackable trays work well to keep the bags of treats neat while offering an efficient solution for restocking. Fact is, Halloween mini candy bars packed in bags aren’t all that distinguishable on their own. The design works well to balance seasonal impact and brand awareness.

Considerations for future: A bridge-type structure is a perfect anchor for an experiential display. Industry effectiveness studies show displays you can walk around engage shoppers up to 20% more than push communication vehicles such as standard header cards and shelf talkers. More engagement increases the likelihood of conversion (POPAI Shopper Engagement Study). In this case, the space in the middle is large enough for shoppers to walk through so perhaps an opportunity to partner with the retailer and think differently about the build out and placement in future.

For Mars, this type of execution is worth every penny. The Halloween season, candy sales, — this is what Mars waits all year long for. If you’re a holiday staple playing in the seasonal display space, Mars shows us here, that it’s worth it to do your display well.

The takeaway? If you’re going to own the seasonal display space, make it a treat, not a trick.