This week in retail: Lund’s Vikings display

Spotted this week at Lunds and Byerly’s: this Vikings display urging hungry Minnesotans to ring in the start of football season with only the best snacks.

Upon first inspection, he’s a cutie. We love the push towards regionalized marketing. We love to see local retailers like Lunds and Byerly’s celebrating Minnesota culture and engaging customers with displays tailored to them, their interests, and their team. Skol, Vikes. Point, Lunds and Byerly’s.

Unfortunately, this display is lacking a little in the execution department. This display is unique and SO cool, it hurts our hearts to see it not being given the space to really shine. Notice those extra bags of chips piled on top? That visual clutter dilutes the impact of the “football player” and we’re left with only a crazy-looking display with a pair of eyes — and a set of horns — peeking out at us over piles of product.

Bummer. Hail mary pass fallen short, if you ask us.

Lesson learned, though.

Execution is equally important as the idea.

Brands can spend weeks or even months concepting ideas that resonate with shoppers. But if it’s all covered up by price signs, packages or better yet other displays (yes, we’ve seen it!) the impact is lost. This deep understanding of the realities of retail is important for brands to see the true ROI of their retail work.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, don’t forget about the last mile. It can make or break your brands’ efforts.

Ready, break.

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