This week in retail: Meet the new Shopper Types

For years, Shopper Marketing firms have developed insights and strategies against shopping trip behaviors. You’re familiar: “Stock Up”, “Need it now”, “Fill in”, etc. We took it upon ourselves to chuckle at recent team member’s shopping behaviors and thought we might be onto something. We identified a few new types, if you will. Meet them, below.

Cart Ditcher:

Hates aisles and people so grabs a cart but ditches it near the end cap — clogging other thru-traffic — so they can quickly go up/down an aisle.

Basket Dragger:

Just a few things needed but doesn’t realize the basket holder is not a thing to carry around the store.


Lazily goes up/down each aisle, super slow, gazing at food like they’ve never seen it before..


Often grabs a basket thinking: “i just need a few things” but goes over every single time resulting in carefully balancing items with any free appendage.

Hungry Shopper:

Forgot to eat. Overspent by 200%.


This shopper thinks they’ll remember what they need each time they consider a trip but lo and behold, just as you walk through the door threshold… gone. Everything you thought you were coming for. What was it again..?! Ugh!

Bargain Betty:

Every physical coupon and coupon-app possible in-hand at checkout determining the best deal.

Try them all, keep (basically) none:

This is the gal we all know. Buys 17 throw pillows to test them out in her new couch’s natural habitat, just to keep one.

The Lost Shopper

The partner who doesn’t normally shop. They wander around aimlessly, no clue where things are in the store, begging signage or an employee for direction!

What shopper type are you? Tell us in the comments below!