The Role of Bariatric Surgery for Diabetes

Do you know that in every 10 seconds a person dies in this world suffering from complications related to diabetes? Yes, it’s true; the latest research is pointing in this direction. Since the earliest of its description, diabetes has continued to be a growing chronic disease. And the type 2 diabetes is the most common among the majority of the people all over the world. In most cases, obesity in the cause of this condition. And hence, of all the treatment methods that have been discovered until now, Bariatric Surgery has proven to be the most effective of all in treating the type 2 diabetes.

It is not only the older people who suffer from it but according to the latest study, even the young adults of age 20 or older are also becoming the victim of obesity and diabetes. Gaining excessive fat means inviting this long-term disease. Bariatric surgery helps obese people to lose weight significantly, thereby also curing diabetes in the long run. It’s surgical procedure through which the size of the stomach is reduced, in order to achieve weight loss. As the obese people are more prone to develop type 2 diabetes, this surgical method helps to have a control over unrestrained weight gaining. If those with excessive body fat manage to reduce at least 5 % of their body weight, the risk of suffering from diabetes goes down to almost 50%. Loss of body weight means improved balance in the levels of blood glucose. And hence the lesser chances of diabetes.

The bariatric surgery in India is getting more and more popular among the people due to its effectiveness. Helping to improve type 2 diabetes in almost 90% patients, it has turned out to be an ideal cure for diabetes-related health issues, mainly obesity. And it is obesity that gradually leads to other health disorders such as heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, severe back pain etc. Lowering the blood sugar, bariatric surgery helps to reduce the need of taking insulin injections or any other dosage or external medications. And the positive effects that the diabetes patients have after getting the surgery, generally last for years.

The bariatric surgery is designed to interrupt or alter the digestion process to prevent the food from getting absorbed by the body or broken down. When the amount of calories and nutrients absorbed by the body reduces, patients begin to lose weight. And along with the weight loss, obesity or type 2 diabetes-related health hazards start to decrease as well. Thanks to the available bariatric surgery in India that has shown the light of hope to the diabetic patients.

In this procedure, the patients need to be treated with utmost care keeping them motivated that yes they can fully get rid of their extreme diabetic condition and live a normal life. Doctors use latest technological innovations to perform bariatric surgery in India. So, getting fully cured of diabetes is no more a critical issue!

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