It’s been such a dynamic week for all crypto investors out there. The attention was towards the arrival of Bitcoin Halving — the most anticipated event this year in the cryptocurrency industry. Yes, since the beginning of COVID-19 crisis there were some ups and downs for the king of cryptocurrencies but overall it keeps going in the right direction. The expectations are that there will be a new peak this year that will reward all of those who invest in Bitcoin.

With all of these good news we are keeping up with our serious work and the great results are…

On the occasion of Labour Day, the CURES Token team greets those at the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, especially the health workers who are taking on significant personal risk and too often working without adequate equipment to ensure all of us can receive the care we need!

Now, when the media is flooding us with terrifying statistics, we believe it’s the right time to share some exciting and positive news about the progress of CURES Token — the promising, blockchain-powered healthcare platform which is all about critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation in the global healthcare industry.

To start…

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Мore motivated than ever, the core team of CURES Token just came back from the fall edition of Blockchain Live and we’re dying to share the latest news with the community!

Stefan Krastev (Co-Founder & CEO) and David Bonev (Co-Founder & CFO) just came back from the British capital where they attended Blockchain Live on the 25 September 2019.

This one-day conference in Olympia London plays a crucial role to meet the pioneers with the latecomers, the innovators with the investors, as well as updated the community with the latest industry’s trends. …

CURES Token gains even more traction — joins the this-year GE Accelerator Program

Find out what CURES has been up to lately, spurred by its primary aim for healthcare revolution!

Some exciting announcements are coming up from the CURES Token roost and we’ve been dying to share them with you!

To start with, the multinational American company, GE Healthcare, did spot the huge potential of our decentralized healthcare platform and kindly invited us to be part of the GE Accelerator Program.

This would surely bring CURES to the attention of more investors and potential partners worldwide. It’d also open some…

It’s time for sharing some thoughts and beliefs!

The first quarter of 2019 has somehow slipped away and there is no better opportunity to speak about all the great things that have happened around CURES Token — the futuristic healthcare platform, that is underlying on the blockchain, aiming to decentralize the sector worldwide and, thus, empower all stakeholders, such as patients, health providers, etc.

So let’s dig in!

To start, shortly after the New Year’s Eve, the first representative office of CURES Token in Zug (Switzerland) opened its doors, followed by the British affiliate office’s opening (London).

Along with Zug, London, and Sofia, where is the HQ of…

It has already been spoken multiple times about the countless perks CURES Token, the visionary, decentralizing, blockchain-based healthcare tool, brings to the table. So let’s not repeat those but think about the integrating and complete nature of this ingenious healthcare platform.

To be precise, the CURES Token is embracing innovative technologies, namely blockchain and smart contracts, in order to fight the sneaking dangers in the global healthcare sector, by empowering all relevant parties such as patients, health app developers, medical service providers as well as equipment suppliers.

Further, the core team behind the project see all this resulting in more…

20 January 2019: Even though Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to leave for Malta, there is a piece of pretty great news coming for South-East Asia — the new representative office of our innovative healthcare platform, CURES Token, just opened doors in Hong Kong!

Call us! Our numbers can be found on our website.

Along with Zug, London, and Sofia, where is our HQ, Hong Kong is definitely one of the most Crypto friendly cities in the world so far.

Charles d’Haussy, the fin-tech lead at state economic agency InvestHK, says:

“Blockchain is a very high priority for…

CURES Token — Receive the care that you deserve

Nowadays, regardless of a large amount of healthcare data produced during current practice, significant information that could deliberately support insights about a potential disease before it even starts causing problems remains unsettled or inaccessible to researchers.

Moreover, the current Electronic health records (EHRs) are ungainly, bulky and tend to slow the whole process down. Also, each patient’s medical data is regularly kept and controlled by each one’s local doctor (GP) which means this data is not immediately accessible to providers outside of this particular medical facility, nor to those ones outside the country.

Lastly, the medical schools around the globe…

In the last years, there is a topic that seriously arises at an international level. Namely, should we invest in the healthcare sector or not. Similar to any other area, it carries the immense possibility of investment and to earn a great return.

And to be clear, investing in healthcare is the versatile approach which is not restricted in performing medical services in an old-fashion way but using modern equipment or building up new hospitals. …

A bunch of useful tips from the founders of CURES Token, the revolutionizing healthcare platform, underlying on the blockchain technology.

The 2017 and the following 2018 were surely the years of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and have led to great renown for the crypto industry in general. However, the truth is those involved in the crypto have recently begun walking towards a new approach called Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Some people even define it as the new marvel in crypto funding.

Feel free to read more about the concept of IEO and the perks it brings:

At this point…


Decentralizing the health care system, empowering the patients, Health App developers, Med. Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers.

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