What to expect from Healthcare in 2022

The healthcare system has long been just on the edge of massive change and foreseers’ favourite issue for predictions. From data and analytics to patient empowerment, the improvements from the past two years may indicate the industry is finally about to reach its most crucial moment yet.

Here is a look at some eligible healthcare system improvements circa 2022.

Clear information. Less risk. Less waiting time. Better care.

The smart technologies such as smartphone sensors, cloud storage, apps, and data analytics will play an essential role in the creating of the digital health. Thanks to the use of hi-technologies, there would be possible to make an early disease prediction that will lead to behavioural changes that prevent and eliminate traditional system costs. Patients will be able to compare providers’ quality and prices and make an informed choice based on value, which will improve the overall productivity of the sector. More accurate and timelier identification of diseases will improve treatment and reduce waste.

Significant cost reduction.

Right now, the health care costs in many countries are exceeding the increase in GDP and the revenue from taxes that fund it. Several factors contribute to this such as rising provider costs, medical innovation and the increase in chronic conditions. In fact, the health care costs, in general, are more likely to become unaffordable by mid-century without drastic reforms. However, the hi-tech are here to help with seriously cutting them by implementing blockchain as an underlying technology.

An advancing healthcare ecosystem.

In the essence of creating a successful clinical mobility program is understanding the users who use the devices in their day-to-day work environment as well as those they supply. These individuals are including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, radiologists, patients and more. While nurses are actively engaged at the patient’s bedside and use technology daily, it’s the IT team that must implement and maintain the system while ensuring compliance with security and patient privacy requirements. Patients must grow accustomed to technology’s evolving role in their care. For some, this will be extraordinarily difficult. For more technologically astute patients, clinical mobility will not be a hop but quite possibly a demand.

Even though 2022 is quite far from now, there is already an edgy innovative ecosystem leaning on blockchain, called CURES Тoken, that is fighting the sneaking danger by aiming to decentralize the health care system, empowering the patients, health app developers, medical service providers, and equipment suppliers, embracing innovative technology in order to cut costs and maximize scarce resources within the sector, creating near virtual competition, capitalizing on synergy which in turn adds value to all relevant stakeholders.


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While 2022 may seem a long way out, we need to envision the re-shaped, better working, globalized, the digital health sector of the future. Adequate and affordable health services for everyone? Utopia or future…we are about to see!