What you missed from the Malta BC Summit 2018

The event attracted more than 8 500 international participants — investors, enthusiasts and experts.
Malta, with a brand new regulatory framework, is currently in the process of establishing itself as an international ‘Blockchain island’.

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, the country hosted the tremendously successful Malta Blockchain Summit 2018.

The event gathered 8 500 participants — about 100 speakers (including some of the world-leading hi-tech influencers and trendsetters), more than 150 sponsors, media partners, exhibitors. Plus, there was an exclusive press conference with the incredible Sophia the Robot.

Gladly, we also attended Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 and presented the concept of our leading-edge project CURES Token. So here is a deeper look what did happen on the Blockchain island.

To start, we had the honor to share some of our key ideas of re-shaping the current global healthcare setup in order to cut the costs, improve the quality of the services, and revolutionizing the medical record-keeping system, with some of the world leaders in the Crypto world.

CURES Token successfully built new solid connections and attracted potential partners as well as the attention of leading hi-tech orientated platforms.

Speaking of solid endorsement, The CEO of CURES Token, Stefan Krastev, had a quick chat in person with the CEO of Malta Blockchain Summit, Eman Pulis, to mark out the potential benefits of blockchain in the healthcare. We are looking forward to an amazing partnership!

CURES Token’s CEO, Stefan Krastev, meets the Malta Blockchain Summit organizer, Eman Pulis

Furthermore, there were several workshops focused on the solutions finding in the current healthcare which gave a good opportunity to exchange thoughts with other blockchain-based healthcare companies. We all agreed that we should be allied in the process of fighting the issues threaten the present healthcare system. The key speaker, the legendary John McAfee, also supported the concept of decentralized healthcare in his keynote speech, saying:

“…each of us works 4 months out of the year to support government that does not serve us, the people. That should stop.”

We are more than happy we took part in this colossal event and had the chance to share a roof with so many hi-tech influencers, world experts and blockchain trend-settlers. What we realized for ourselves, having the chance to meet so many healthcare companies underlying on blockchain, is that CURE token’s main advantage is its complexity. In other terms, it offers many-sided solutions in order to fend off the potential crisis in the health sector.

The best news is that the blockchain technology is already taking the lead!

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