Which are the 3 most important healthcare innovations for 2019?

Brand new year, same old challenges for the healthcare. Have you ever thought what can we look forward to in the sector in 2019? Every year, lots of predictions have been written and most of them are pretty accurate. Should we hope for more affordable and better quality services? Will the process of healthcare decentralization take place?

The global experts believe this year will be crucial for two of the most promising technologies for the healthcare of this decade — artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

To help you prepare for the long-awaited and urging healthcare revolution, we have prepared a list with the TOP 3 of the most important healthcare innovations for 2019–2020. Let’s have a look!



Nowadays, followed by the concept of the patient being more and more involved in the management of their own health, many genetics and research organizations have grown in world-recognition and scale.

The British-based biotech and genomics company, called 23andMe, is about to become one of the largest patient-based companies in the entire world.

The process of analyzing each consumer’s DNA is as simplified as possible. All you need is 23andMe’s home-based saliva collection to send it to their LAB.

Moreover, at the end of 2018, the 23andMe has entered a four-year collaboration with the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to work out on new treatments, but using human genetics as the fundament for discovery.



And speaking of the awe-inspiring healthcare innovations, here comes CURES Token a complex, blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem, that aims to globalize and decentralize the healthcare sector, thus, increasing its quality, competitiveness, and comprehensiveness.

Utilizing the power of blockchain as an underlying technology, CURES Token revolutionizes the archaic, fated healthcare sector by re-designing every element from medical records and payments to processing and analytics benefiting virtually all stakeholders from patients to providers, administrators, and institutions.


Besides, led by the concept of greater transparency and better quality healthcare services, CURES Token has a one of its kind Clinics Marketplace where patients from all over the world will be encouraged to browse and search for medical service providers globally, ensuring security, cost-effectiveness, nurturing perfect competition through a decentralized system.


With the drastic rise of chronic diseases worldwide, such as diabetes, more consumers are starting to see the advantages of the health wearables that monitor heart rate, glucose, calories and sleep to better control their health conditions.

Being aware of that, the health wearables company Fitbit, in a partnership with Google, is currently analyzing the evolution of patient and enterprise health solutions.

Moreover, its procurement of HIPAA-compliant health platform, Twine Health has seen the business improve its clinical services by bringing on board an educational platform, empowering patients worldwide to seek better health outcomes.

As a conclusion, what is common between these three healthcare innovations is the fact they are all built with patients in mind — to involve them in their own health management.

Don’t know about you but we are thrilled to see what is about to happen!