Getting Most from Low-Cost Airlines

How to hack your perfect trip by flying low-cost airlines.

We Love Flying Cheap

We love low-cost airlines. It is so cool to fly two thousand miles/km under few tens of dollars/euros. Take one of the best and biggest in Europe — Ryanair. Ryanair offers extensive Route Map, at dramatically low prices. London-Barcelona costs only 22 pounds. Rome-Stockholm costs 22 euro.

If you decided to significantly save on flights, you usually select some low-cost carrier. In Europe they are Ryanair, easyJet, Eurowings, Norwegian, Jet2, Wizz Air, Vueling, and 3x more others. Take a look to the List of Low-Cost Airlines in Europe. Here is a List of Low-Cost Airlines in the World.

The Cost of Cheap Flying

The list of routes is excellent, the prices are excellent… but at what cost? It couldn’t be that everything is excellent. What we have to sacrifice, to fly so cheap and so cool? Why other airlines, such as British Airlines, Air France-KLM, Lufthansa are so expensive? There must be something hidden, that justifies the price range; for both low-costers and high-costers.

It is availability. With Lufthansa you could fly on any day, or almost on any day. With Ryanair you cannot. There are no-fly days. Actually there could be more no-fly days in the week than flying.

There are some other reasons for the lower prices too, related to the airport fees. Those who fly frequently, do need full service at the airport; that fee is included into the ticket price then. Those who fly infrequently, they don’t require much service, hence their tickets are cheaper.

Here Comes Curiosio

You could book your start & end locations directly with the low-cost airline, or their distributor/reseller. You analyzed and decided what flights you book and why. As soon as you booked your flights, you know the exact dates, and you know the rest of your budget [for the trip]. Now you could use Curiosio, to give you the most curious trip plan between the start and the end locations, within those dates and within the reminding budget.

Real-life scenario? If you live in Krakow, and want to sightsee United Kingdom, during ten days, spending $4000 for two, here is what you could do. You find [yourself] affordable flights from Krakow to UK and from UK to Krakow. With Ryanair, there are many options to fly from Krakow to UK — you could land in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol — as you start location. Back to Krakow, you could fly from London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol too. (But this is not always the case. Some routes could be assymetric.) You examine the fly dates, and the prices, and select what works best for you. It happened that you stick to twelve days instead of ten, because there were no flights few days earlier. Let’s assume you spent $350 for the air tickets for two of you, from Krakow to Liverpool and from Bristol back to Krakow. $3650 is a remaining budget (from allocated $4000).

After you know the dates, and start & end locations, and the remaining budget - you could enter them all into Select More dropdown to specify two people, hit Search, and get proposed trips between the locations, for twelve days, for $3600–3700 budget. Screenshots for twelve-day trip in United Kingdom, starting in Liverpool and finishing in Bristol, that fits to $3700:

One option for $3500 for 12 days for 2
Another option for $3700 for 12 days for 2

Both trips are balanced for the driving. You are landing in Liverpool, pick up the car, and drive to Bristol through the seven cities. Then you drop the car in Bristol, and fly back from Bristol.

How to ensure you could stick to the budget $3700? Switch from the Trip Plan mode to Checklist mode, please. Screenshot below:

Trip Checklist

Click Book @ Expedia links, to get pre-configured price levels for car rental and for accommodations. Obviously, the exact prices could be different, from time to time. You may have some perks via memberships in hotel chains. There could be some promo codes to get best prices. All that is real life. Curiosio gives you the skeleton, that you could fine tune, as a real travel geek. To squeeze even more curiosity from the new country, within flight dates, between start and end cities, and within desired budget.

For more information on the workflow, see How to Hack a Great Trip. It is our post, shared to the Future Travel. For details how we handle the budget for booking, see Connecting Expedia.

Save money on flying with low-cost airlines. Gain travel experiences with Curiosio. If you still wonder how exactly Curiosio is beneficial for you, see The Era of Perfect Trips, you will find quantified information there.

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