Travel AI & Travel API

We are building trip Search API

Curiosio is the most intelligent trip search for us. Maybe for the world. It looks like we solved the hardest optimization problem — maximization of sightseeing within desired conditions & restrictions — by location, budget, time. We applied the technology to trip search and trip planning. And we got cutting-edge travel search. It is available for everybody via our public website. We are open to the idea that everyone can have their own approach to ideal trip planning. Not everyone who would like to use Curiosio technology will want to plan their trip on Curiosio web site. There are opportunities for building web and mobile apps, augmented reality apps, virtual reality experiences, empowered by our technology. That’s why we are building API; it will be published on Curiosio API in mid Summer 2017.

Our Travel API directly connects you to the Curiosio engine, which provides optimization of travel experience by time and budget. Use it to create innovative travel tools, perfectly customized to you and your users, and connect it to Curiosio. Or connect your existing apps with Curiosio, to get an advantage of travel optimization., our public website, is also based on Curiosio API. In order to display the trip data on the map, any map provider such as Google Maps or Mapbox can be used.

Stay curious, stay tuned.