United Kingdom

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, with England, Wales and Scotland.

We have released a beta version of any trip in United Kingdom. You start from any city you want, you finish in any city you want, you use as many days as you want, and you fit in the budget you want. The rest is done by Curiosio.

Here is how it works. First you plan in advance, look for some cheap flights, promotions, whatever, and buy air tickets from you home location to the start city in UK, and back, from the end city in UK to your home.

Let’s assume you are New Yorker, and you plan to start from London and finish in Glasgow. Thus, you are booking most suitable flights: New York — London and Glasgow — New York. ‘Most suitable’ means cheapest, or promoted, or flight points redeemed, whatever is most suitable for you.

After you purchased flight tickets, you know exact dates when & where you enter and leave the UK. Let’s put that your dates are 1st and 10th of September. So you are entering London as start city, Glasgow as end city, enter your flight dates (select from calendar widget), and enter desired budget for this trip — e.g. 3000 pounds for 2 travelers (aka geeks). Take a look:

You could try it here https://curiosio.com/gb/ By default, curiosity is set for full day sightseeing, and comfort is normal, which means you have good meal few times per day, and your car and accommodations are good. You hit the button, and get your possible trip alternatives, which fit to all those requirements: start & end city, days, money, travel geeks, curiosity and comfort. Take a look:

Red route is proposed alternative, it’s destinations and sightseeing details are rendered on the left. There could be other possible routes, they are colored in grey, you could click them, and they will become red, and itinerary on the left will render their destinatiosn and sightseeing curiosities.

Stay tuned, and we will describe you soon what you could do with the proposed trips, and how you could do that. There are jaw dropping integrations, so that you could continue using your favorite travel tools, and start using one more tool — crazy trip optimizer — Curiosio.

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