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I am not a failure. Period.

I don’t care what people feel about my decisions. Everything has consequences. The ones judging me have also screwed up many times. I haven’t come across anyone till date who took all the right decisions in his/her life.

Some of the decisions will crush you down the mud, flat on your face. Your choices will embarrass you in front of the world. You will end up destroying things. You will hurt people with your selections.

But one thing I know for sure is that failures are rarely fatal. Most of the hard thought consequences remain just in our heads. We assume too much and act so little.

We try to judge our actions from others perspective and burden ourselves with the pressure of making right choices every time.

If you are one of them, then beware. The amount of stress you bestow upon yourself will shatter you someday soon. People pleasing will never make you reach your goals. If you want to do something different, then start acting and choosing differently.

Your choice will be loaded with unpredictable risks. Of course, you will fail. There were obvious reasons why no one was choosing the path you did. Keep moving with towards your goals. Your every failure should teach you something. Stop doubting yourself, for the self-doubt will spiral you into doom, especially when you are walking a lonely path.

You can’t keep people happy. You cant do everything right. You can’t win all the games. You can fight all the fights. You cant do everything that you dreamt of. But one thing you can do is not give up. Not label yourself as a failure.

People will always crib whether you do good or bad. They find their solace in it. You will attract critics as you grow high. Start living on your terms. Start taking control of your life because you are not a failure. Period.

“To err is to man and to do multiple unique errs is to be a successful man.”

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