Morning Rush

It was their 50th anniversary. He could not sleep the whole night and neither could she. They were more of flashbacks rather than dreams which kept them awake. It was not a love marriage, but a typical Indian arrange marriage, fixed by parents and families. They got engaged within three days of their first meet and got married within 5 months, which was still considered too much delay. Arrange marriages have their own thrill, meeting a stranger and deciding to stay your whole life with them. But children never have much say in choosing their partner, it is much like agreeing to a bond, without reading the document.

No one cares if you read the offer document before investing, but when it comes to marriage that should not be the case. Yet they had no option. It was not like he was in love with someone else, though he had his share of crushes. While she had a past, a guy whom she loved and wanted to marry. But things didn’t work out within families. She always believed he was the perfect guy, but in marriage girls have no say at all. And after 5 long year of marriage she did opened up to her husband about her past and told him the reason for getting married in hurry. The best part of this episode was when her husband smiled and said ‘I already know’.

He said he always had that feeling that something was still missing in the relationship. After 5 years of marriage there was still a corner of her heart where he could not reach. He fell in love with her at first sight, when he saw her for first time, standing near door, behind her parents. He knew she was the one, and that was the reason why he didn’t push for delay in marriage. He could see little guilt in her eyes, her face got dull and her head sunk inside her chest. Just before she started crying, he held her hand and said ‘I knew I will make you open up to me, I knew I will get access to that corner of heart. And now it belongs to me. I loved you and I still do’. To him people never mattered, it that the faithfulness in his partner that mattered. Today he was smiling since he knew he has conquered her heart finally.

It took many days before confessing. She had initially planned to never discuss this after marriage, but in 5 years she realized that something was bugging her deep inside. Something she couldn’t share with her life partner. Something which could have created havoc in her stable marriage life. But this fear was still nothing other than the felling of guilt, which she carried for hiding the truth. She felt as if she was not being faithful. Past one year had been more painful for her, and he did noticed it. He asked her few times, but due to lack of proper response he let it go. He understood that this was something for which he can’t push her. He was a simple guy who understood her well. Something that every girl wants in her life.

Initial couple of years went in getting acquainted with each other. He was always patient, for first six months they just held hands and hugged a few times. He never pushed or demanded, something which incited her to crave for him, more and more. Not just physically but to know him as a person as well. A person who was ready to give her time and not ask for something in return. They had their share of fights. But they never lasted for more than 2 days. He always used to find a way to make her smile. In next two years she started falling in love for him. And that was when the real problem started. Relationships can’t be build without trust, and she started realizing that hiding her past was wrong.

It was her fourth anniversary, he bought her a diamond ring and took her for dinner. He tried to make it as special as possible. But the thing that made her go crazy was that he proposed to her in middle of a busy street, on his knees and asked ‘Will you marry me?’ ‘Yes’ was her instant reply. She was flattered and awestruck. She pinched herself to confirm if it was not just a dream, and it was not. He had planned it for months. Her instant reaction made her realize her love for him. How much she always wanted someone to care for her this much and give her this much importance. It was the day she became conscious of her love for her husband. And then the internal struggle to confession started. She didn’t want to build a relationship with so much guilt.

It had been 45 years since that day of proposal. They had two kids, a girl who was married and had 1 kid of her own, and a boy who too was married but had no kids. Out of these 45 years, around 25 to 30 years went in raising their kids. And we can say that they did really good job since both kids were highly successful individuals. They were raised with love and care. Girl was a senior manager in consultancy, while boy had started his own business. They both were married to ones whom they love, it was love marriage rather than arrange. Something their parents were proud of. But once kids got married and started their own journey, they had ample of time to explore.

His love for her never got any less and hers for him kept on increasing every single day. While raising kids they came even more closer to each other. It was a team work which they managed successfully . It was more than love, they were addicted to each other by now. The first thing he used to do in bed after waking up was to turn toward her and open his eyes with her face in front of her. It used to give him rush, quite similar to the effect of drugs on a junkie. He was addicted to her. His morning started with this rush for all past years. But today was their 50th anniversary, and he had not slept for the whole night. There was slight nervousness in him, he was excited to share these many years with her. He was anxious to wake up and say to her ‘I love you’.

His turn towards her face was welcomed with a unexpected smile. She was awake too, the whole night. She was excited and anxious too. Those flashback made here live all those past 50 years in one night and it was amazing. Something which every couples dream. She knew what he was thinking, but today she wanted to be first one to say ‘I love you’ and she did. He didn’t say much, but came close to her, kissed and said ‘I love you too’. Surprisingly today they didn’t felt any rush, but what they realized was that they were already high. Something only a few couples get to explore, and a rarity after 50 years of marriage.

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