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Standing Out From the Crowd

eCommerce businesses want to stand out amongst the competition in the digital market. Whether it be functionality, visuals, or site structure, merchants are always looking create an experience that is both enjoyable for their customers and unique to their brand. As one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms, Shopify constantly looks for ways to enhance the user experience and allow for merchants to custom tailor their site to their specific needs through Shopify themes.

What is a Shopify Theme?

One of Shopify’s key offerings on their platform is the “Theme Management System” that is included with the Online Store Channel. Shopify themes are relatively…

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Growing your brand and eCommerce store is a task that requires teamwork, innovation, and simple solutions. For over a decade, Shopify has provided merchants with a platform to promote and sell their products online and today they continue to push the boundaries of eCommerce technology.

Shopify Plus is the premier, enterprise-grade plan that Shopify offers. It features advanced hosting architecture, exclusive apps, access to the Wholesale Channel, 99.98% service uptime, and many other enhancements not included in the lesser Shopify plans. …

Nate Holland

Web Developer specializing in eCommerce and Shopify Implementations.

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