We Love the Internet 2016/48: The Drunk football edition

Part 1: For the day job

Things to think about:

· Why It’s Still Strangely Difficult to Stream CBS

· Is Social Media Disconnecting Us From the Big Picture?

· Why Instagram Became the Perfect Breeding Ground for Conspiracy Theories

· Who is the genius behind Merriam-Webster’s social media

· This Is Your Life in Social Media

· In China, WeChat wants to kill app stores

· For the ‘new yellow journalists,’ opportunity comes in clicks and bucks

· Japan plans supercomputer to leap into technology future

Reference points:

· We Asked 8,500 Internet Commenters Why They Do What They Do

· The 100 most influential images of all time

· How to master strategy, as simply as I can …

· 5 things I’ve learned creating digital things for kids (in the arts and beyond)

Longer reads

· The Internet Is Spoiling TV

· Confessions of an Instagram Influencer

· What Gamergate should have taught us about the ‘alt-right’

· Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart

· AI could be the music industry’s next Napster moment

Part 2: For the lunch-break

Things to play with/watch/listen to:

· Drunk football

· The 2016 song

· Daft Science

· Human Population Through Time

· Last Chance Saloon For London’s Club Culture

· Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 32 Actors’ Accents

· The Awkward Teen Years of CGI (Movie Trailer Mashup)

Things to look at/read:

· 52 things I learned in 2016

· The best music videos of 2016

· Welcome to Christmas Tree farm

· The Cards Against Humanity holiday hole

· The Best Shows That Will Be Overlooked on the Top 10 Lists of 2016

· Easter eggs evolved: Why gamers spent 3-years-plus studying GTAV’s Mount Chiliad

· Second-Tier Pro Athletes Are Modern-Day Serfs

· Unflattering Picture That Donald Trump Hates Gets Photoshop Treatment

Animal corner:

· Rescue Goat With Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

· 2 cats are recreating all your favourite movie scenes

Tweets of the week:

· Facebook mom discovers death grips

· David Davis wanted to leave Netflix but then secured a special deal where he pays them £7.49 a month in return for access to their content.

· If Eric Bristow deletes those tweets and makes an apology, it’ll be the first 180 he’s made in years.

· Beautiful @CNN remembrance of Fidel Castro

Part 3: For the weekend

Longer reads

· The hygge conspiracy

· What’s gone wrong with democracy

· The man who made Adidas cool again

· One Hundred Years Of Men Taking Off Their Shirts

· Quick, How Might the Alien Spacecraft Work?

· The last unknown man

· Gridiron Gangster: How a Vigilante Gambler Took Down an Alleged Crime Boss

· Inside Italy’s ultras: the dangerous fans who control the game


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