We Love the Internet 2017/23: The Elle Fanning’s fan fantasy edition

Part 1: For the day job

Things to think about:

· YouTube’s gossip vloggers have created their own tabloid industry

· The TV bubble isn’t about to pop. But there are needles everywhere.

· Apple’s strengths and weaknesses

· The ousted founder of Unilad has won a legal ruling that could force the sale of the site

· Surge pricing comes to the supermarket

· The iMovie president

· How a Florida Teen Became Queen of Gen Z’s Favorite Video Platform — and a Top Brand Influencer

Reference points:

· And now, a brief definition of the web

· Well Told: A conference about longform and narrative journalism

· State world map

Longer reads

· The One Big Reason Why BuzzFeed Needs to Break Into TV

· What Has the Internet Done to Media?

· Secret life of a full-time cyborg

· Andrew O’Hagan on Paul Dacre

Part 2: For the lunch-break

Things to play with/watch/listen to:

· Elle Fanning’s Fan Fantasy

· Why Japan has so many vending machines

· Britney Spears — “Toxic” REAL VOICE (NO AUTO-TUNE VERSION)

· Man Almost Killed After Shooting Fridge Filled With Tannerite

· unique encounter between 2 polyglots in 21 languages

· Election20171

· Trap Raided On Live Jacksonville Fl

· Close-Up Magician Will Tsai Blows Judges Away On America’s Got Talent 2017 Season 12

Things to look at/read:

· The Babadook is now a gay icon because the people willed it to be so

· On the trail with Kane

· Bleecker Street’s Swerve From Luxe Shops to Vacant Stores

Animal corner:

· Elephants Run To Greeting A New Rescued Baby Elephant

Tweets of the week:

· I have a friend who is a crossword setter for The Times and my appreciation of his level of nerdery is high right now.

· guys this is Randy… don’t be like Randy..

· What happens when you drive through an English high street blasting Vengaboys

· How would a Xenomorph wear a hat?

· Confirmed!

· I don’t want to hear anyone claim to be anti social ever again. This is the G.O.A.T

· jesus is real and he is black

· When your impulse to mansplain is so strong you try to mansplain the Bible to the actual Pope.

Part 3: For the weekend

Longer reads

· The opioid crisis changed how doctors think about pain

· We bought a crack house

· A Definitive Ranking of the Best Movie Makeovers

· 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time

· Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race


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