We Love the Internet 2017/28: The It’s as if you were doing work edition

Part 1: For the day job

Things to think about:

· I’m a millennial and I share more music through Instagram Stories than any other medium

· Capitalism the Apple Way vs. Capitalism the Google Way

· So Game Of Thrones can’t surprise us anymore? In 2017, few shows can

· Why the Far Right Wants to Be the New ‘Alternative’ Culture

· Two factor authentication is a mess

· Designing democratic brands

· Factories, workshops and labs

Reference points

· The evolution of The Economist’s social media team

· 50 smartest companies 2017

· 13 fascinating people answer the question “what do you do?”

Longer reads:

· The future of football

· How to Sell a Billion-Dollar Myth Like a French Girl

· Spitting out the Red Pill: Former misogynists reveal how they were radicalised online

Part 2: For the lunch-break

Things to play with/watch/listen to:

· It’s as if you were doing work

· Wikipedia: The text adventure

· Hay bale jumping

· I Tried To Make The Most Difficult Omelet

· How To Pop A Beer With Only A Newspaper

· David Lynch on Where Great Ideas Come From

· The race to fifth

· Doug Fernandez gives up

Things to look at/read:

· How Jessica Mendoza Became ESPN’s First Female MLB Analyst

· Why Some Men Don’t Work: Video Games Have Gotten Really Good

· Communicating

· The Story Behind the World’s Most Famous Desktop Background

· Instagram Food Is a Sad, Sparkly Lie

· Many like it hot

· Accidental Wes Anderson

· Couple Asks Internet To Photoshop Out Shirtless Guy From Engagement Photo, Regrets It Immediately

Animal corner

· Should I take my dog to the vet

· Ugly bunny fracas is swiftly broken up by the chicken police.

Tweets of the week:

· The Bank Heist: A Scenario Thread.

· Worst Lethal Weapon remake ever

· When you already picked your character in Tekken & your brother still tryna decide.

· Love this. r/soccer does analysis on the most popular words used in conjunction with football teams.

· When sequels go bad…

· ESPN just accidentally wrote a Radiohead song

· I have climbed the highest mountains. I have run through the fields I have scaled city walls But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Part 3: For the weekend

Longer reads

· Home is a cup of tea

· Boom shaka laka

· America’s Future Is Texas

· Sex, Drugs, Gangsters and MMA: Remembering Pride, UFC’s Wild Predecessor

· How Gotham Gave Us Trump

· What will it take for the US to eradicate racist ideas?

· Naomi Klein: how power profits from disaster

· how to do nothing

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