All Social Media Is Showing Off
Asad Chishty

Well, yes and no. I miss the days where I just took a photo for the love of it, for my own personal memory to sit on the floor and pull out every now and then for a nostalgic reflection. Now as I take a photo, for better or worse, the whole process holds the lingering thought “ I wonder if this is instagram worthy?”.

But other times, I just want to follow the lives of people I love. My sister lives in Australia, it’s a great way to keep up to date with her life. When she first moved there in 1994, the only way to stay in contact was an extortionate 10 minute phone call every month, and written letters. Nice in its own special way, but I think how much our relationship has been able to flourish because of platforms like Facebook.

Is it not possible to see social media as a kind of personal portfolio, a catalog of your life, likes and comments are a nice cherry on top, but not the ultimate focus? People say technology is ruining us, lessening our attention span, turning us to treat people and moments as disposable, but where is our power and control in that stance? We are not at the bidding of social media, all it is is a bit of coding thrown out into the world. It has morphed into showing off because collectively we have allowed it to. Question is, do we have the strength to change it, or is the only way to go cold turkey and come off it all together and let the forces of nature do its work?