What does it take to be a perfect girlfriend? What do men want from their girlfriends anyway? These are questions that every woman has.

It would be interesting to get inside a man’s head for a day and see how they picture their perfect girlfriend. iDiva decided to take some action about the matter. They invited boys for a cup of coffee. They asked them several questions about girlfriends and the things they like about girls.

They published the 5 most common answers at the end. It’s enough to read these answer, but no girl should change completely for a man. On the other hand, some change is good for both of the partners. Nobody is perfect, anyway, but we should all reach towards improvement. Also, no two people are the same and these boys don’t speak in the name of all men.

Alan Smith from New York, 22 years old. The first guy appreciates when the girl is independent, not only at work but in private life, too. For him, the girl has to be able to take care of herself. His ideal girl is someone stable, a girl who will not let anyone play with her emotions.

Mathew Johnson from New York, 28 years old. Mathew doesn’t like “bimbos” and he thinks that it is not okay to tell women that any man would prefer a bimbo over a smart woman. In his opinion this is not what the majority of man are looking for in a girl. The profile of his perfect girlfriend is a smart woman with many skills and high intelligence.

Ted Jones from Denver, 25 years old. The third answer is very interesting! Ted said that he has been in too many relationships that ended because of dishonesty. He believes that partners should tell each other their needs and he would respect that more than hiding bad feelings from him.

He advises women to be open minded because men can’t read minds. Moody behavior is not helping when something is wrong in a relationship, it will only makes things worse. Sit down and talk about what is bothering you, if your love is strong, you will resolve it in no time.

Paul Davis from Los Angeles, 29 years old. Paul stated that in his opinion, boys respect their girlfriends way more that their girlfriends respect them. The perfect girl for him is a girl with whom they would respect each other equally. Respect is not one way thing, it goes both ways.

Another thing he needs in a relationship is support. Instead of criticizing men in front of everyone, show them your support. That makes men feel important. They want their girl to support them and to trust their judgment when they argue with someone else.

Gerald Moore from Boston, 24 years old. All Gerald wants is a girl that will give him more space. Many girls believe that this is the best way to keep a boyfriend. Others are just mean and bossy. But eventually, the man will wake up and leave only because he wants more space.

If you don’t trust a man don’t be with him at all. Being bossy will only provoke him to turn a new page. Give him space, and he will want you even more. Just try!

So what is your opinion? What is the perfect girlfriend like? Maybe perfect is the wrong term, no one needs or can be perfect. But do you think these five answer will help you in your a relationship? Will they make your boyfriend happier?


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