1. Clearly defined goals & direction… that don’t keep changing.

Big picture goals and direction: For Rockstar design teams, it’s not enough for the designers to see the ultimate vision for the product, they need to want that vision to be reality. It is this solidarity with the goal that is going to drive achievement in the absence of, or, in addition to the external pressure.

Small picture goals and direction: The larger vision needs to be broken down into actionable steps where each designer knows what they are bringing to the table, and in what order, and by what deadline. …

This is a great question that I keep getting asked so I thought I’d share my answer.

My philosophy of design is very much rooted in harmony. Whenever I interact with great design I see a rhythm with itself and harmony with it’s surroundings.


ˈhärmənē/ noun

1. agreement; accord; harmonious relations.

“man and machine in perfect harmony”

Harmony in Process

Most designers have been taught and follow a design process to help reduce the friction of creating and concluding on design solutions. When the process is not in harmony with the…

Gezel Remy

Lover, ux/ui/product designer, meditator, dancer… tired of seeing people divide themselves… willing to believe that simple acts of love can change the world…

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