Art Fair Philippines : An Experience

Traffic is getting worst today. Instead of going to different places in just one day, you can only visit minimal palaces, and in fact being stuck in the traffic is longer than staying in your target place. Thanks to Art Fair Philippines for being a convenient way to witness 40 best galleries in just one place. Last Sunday, February 21, I attended the Art Fair Philippines with my block mates. It’s my first time to attend this kind of event because I’m just new here in Manila. We’re not familiar on how to go there so we walk and walk and walk until we get there. In the registration, they welcome us with a smile. We get a map of the fair so that we know what the name of the gallery is and what galleries are the special exhibits. We start in the 6th floor and then 7th floor. We make sure that we were able to drop by in the different galleries. Most of the galleries are paintings and some are figures, drawings, illusions, and making of new product out of something (eg. pencil). It is means that Filipino artist are creative and doesn’t stick to one medium. Different galleries have its’ own meaning. Some galleries are phenomenal, eye opener, give refreshment and have a deeper meaning that is related to our current societal issue.

One of the galleries that got my attention is the Artesan Gallery + studio.

The artist of the artworks in this gallery, titled “Transcend”,is E.J Cabangon. He uses oil in canvas in his 13 artworks that is being exhibited in the gallery.

The artworks are more on cartoon characters that are colored with gray and it is portrayed as melting. What I want about this gallery is that it is simple but the message of the artworks is the main highlight of the gallery. Being born in 90’s wherein it is just the major turn of technology; many childhood memories are treasured from the street games and cartoon movies. A 90’s child’s world revolves only in the experiences and adventures. Today, it is sad to say that it is depreciating little by little because of technology and sooner or later it will be totally gone. That is the collective message of the gallery, all of our favorite cartoon characters are melting because it is being replaced by gadgets and our favorite cartoon characters are now forgotten.

There are also special exhibits of different artist.

One of my favorite is the special exhibit of Mark Justiniani.

It’s full of illusion. Mark Justiniani uses led reflection media to make it like infinite. I was starstruck while looking at the different artworks inside the gallery. One of my favorite of his artwork is the church and the tunnel.

It is not new to me to see this kind of artwork. I’ve seen some of these artworks but it is in terms of painting and expert use of shadows. What’s new about this is that he uses mirror. While looking at the artworks, it is like you are looking at the real object that you can touch. I leave the gallery confused on how he made this kind of artworks. How?

Another one is the special exhibit of Martha Atienza.

It is a big landscape video of moving sea. This is the last exhibit that we drop by. It is a good refreshment after a long and tiring walk. There are chairs in front of the artwork, so while sitting it is like you are near the sea. The waves and the sounds complete it. I leave the gallery confused on how she made it and refreshed bought by the artworks. It is totally a stress reliever.

Art fair Philippines is an event that I’m looking forward to visit again in the following years. There is that excitement in me because it’s my first time. The ambiance is nice and it is a great reward to you after a long week. It is a great escape of the real worlds. It was a tiring day but an enjoyable one that no one can erase the experience.

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