Heneral Luna Critique Paper

I’m a non history lover but Heneral Luna is totally a game changer. The way the story is told is just so Filipino with a humor even in serious times. This movie makes the Philippine history interesting again. It’s one of the books to watch over again. It is great movie indeed.

1.The movie “Heneral Luna” revealed the richness of our history and who are the Filipinos during the Philippine-American war .The flow of the movie is more on the main points of Heneral Luna’s Life. It also reflects the current Philippine society. In fact, there are quotable lines that will portray some of the situations today. For example,“Para kayong birheng naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang puta”, we can deduce from this line that it is a reminder for voters who easily believe poiliticians’ flowery promises during campaigns. Another is “Negosyo o kalayaan ? Bayan o sarili ? Pumili ka!”, we can deduce from this line that this should be asked to people who steal from the national funds. One last is “Mga kapatid mayroon tayong mas malaking kaaway kaysa mga Amerikano. Ang sarili natin .”, it reflects the undisciplined behavior of Filipinos especially on road signs.

2. For a non history lover like me it’s a no .Probably I view the movie as a boring one, but as I finished the movie, it is a game changer .My likeness in history arise .There is the hate to Bonifacio and other Filipinos, and the admiration to Heneral Luna. The film engage me to know the truth behind the murder of Heneral Luna and if Bonifacio really killed him. The film engaged me to know more about our history, particularly the life of unappreciated Filipino heroes during their fight for the independence from other countries. It is also a call for us to stop the mistakes that are always repeated especially in the politics. Thus, this movie makes the Philippine history interesting again.

3. Movie is a great example of art, wherein there is a deeper meaning that the filmmaker wants to convey. The movie Heneral luna was able to depict many functions of art. It communicates thought, ideas and emotions by how each character portrays their role effectively and to make an impact to the movie. It also celebrates war wherein the setting is the Filipino- American war. It is a means for protesting political and social Injustice .For instance, the quotable lines that reflect some current issues in our society. It also promotes cohesion to Filipinos because it is a call for us to stop the mistakes that are always repeated especially in the politics. Then, it educates us about ourselves and the world, and the main purpose of a movie is to entertain wherein the humor is still present.

4. It is a mix emotion and full of realization. After watching the movie, I pitied Filipinos for killing also a Filipino. I can’t believe that the Heneral Luna was killed by his co Filipinos and not by Americans. There is the hate to Aguinaldo and other political parties. There is a realization that some situations are widely seen today. I’m puzzled to what is really true behind his death, and there is the feeling that you would agree on the negative side of Filipino because it’s true. I also realize that we are the ones who hinder the freedom we want. The scene portraying the Spolarium leaves me breathless. I would say the movie is made creatively and intelligently.

5. Joven is a Spanish word which means youth, so Joven Hernandez jr. represents the youth today. Joven is a journalist here in the movie. He was shot in his ears and hands, and if we will observe, Heneral Luna is very protectice to Joven. It’s an implication that youth should be protected and the youth should learn to listen and take action to what is right. In the last part the Heneral recite the first part of his poem while the last part of the poem was recited by Joven. It’s an indication that the youth will continue the mission that was started by the ancestors. Thus, youth holds the hope of the future.