How to convert a dental practice’s website traffic to new patients

Majority of medical and dental practices has websites with a good number of people visiting everyday, yet the practice struggles to harvest that traffic and convert it to new patients.

Here is a story of how a dentist in Studio City, CA, increased his new patient traffic by 10% just through a better way of converting the traffic to new patients.

Dr. Alexander Ash DDS uses availability and chat widgets through Curogram to allow patients book appointments and communicate with his front desk through his landing page. Here is how it looks:

Patients can book an appointment with Dr. Ash by a single click. They see available dates and times for his offices and without even making a phone call, through his website, they book an appointment.

How much does Dr. Ash Pay for this?

$0.00. Widgets are a free feature of Curogram. Any medical and dental practice can claim their practice account for free and with 2 lines of code, implement this feature into their website.

What other widgets are available on Curogram?

Curogram offers Chat, Availabilities, Intake Forms widgets which simplifies communication of medical and dental offices with their patients.

Claim your medical or dental practice account on Curogram.

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