I am Here

This is a short post explaining the direction of my Open Source work.

Chiasm is like a tower that was built very high, then had the foundation melt. There is a fundamental flaw with ModelJS, namely that it doesn’t use the topological sort algorithm, so gets execution order wrong in some cases. This crops up in visualizations as horrible, un-fixable bugs. For example, observe the flickering when you change the bin size in Magic Heat Map.

I’m re-doing the foundation, and plan to re-implement many of the ideas from Chiasm. The end goal is to enable easy construction of arbitrarily complex data visualizations with linked views and rich interactions. I’m building up the layers very carefully this time, and I do plan to re-visit Chiasm itself and make it work as the top layer, the dynamic configuration driver, based on this new foundation. I’d love to hear your inputs on this, if any.

All the best,

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