Doing Your Part for Australian Wildlife

When people think of volunteering, they often think of doing things to support other people. While these things are all very important, there’s also a need for us to work together to help protect Australian wildlife. At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, educating the public and giving them the opportunity to get up close to Australian wildlife is just one of the very important roles they’re fulfilling, and this not-for-profit organisation couldn’t exist without the help and support of volunteers and donors.

Caring for Sick & Injured Wildlife

One of the most important services the Sanctuary provides is free veterinary care for sick and injured wildlife. Currumbin Wildlife Hospital has cared for thousands of mammals, birds, reptiles, marsupials and more, since their doors opened. Here, wildlife receive the life-saving treatments and care they need to recover and return to the wild. Plus, the hospital offers an awesome viewing area, where park visitors can watch the veterinarians and other staff in action.

Love to help wildlife? The hospital is always looking for volunteers, and you can support the efforts by either helping in the hospital or volunteering at various fundraising events.

Get Your Teen Involved

This will be a volunteering opportunity your teen won’t refuse! If you have a 15–18 year old who would be comfortable speaking to visitors and providing them with the information they need to fully enjoy their experience, this could be the volunteering gig they’ve been looking for. Teen volunteers help out at the Sanctuary on the weekends and holidays.

Help with Wildlife and Horticulture

If you love to garden or are enthusiastic about Australian wildlife, you may enjoy volunteering as part of our wildlife and horticulture group. These volunteers go around the park with members of our staff, helping out in many different ways, from raking and sweeping to preparing food and repairing animal enclosures.

Test it Out for a Day

If you’re not sure if you will enjoy volunteering at the Sanctuary, or you can’t commit to longer term volunteering positions but would like to help out, come and volunteer for a day. You can either participate in the Walk in the Park program, where you will walk around and greet visitors and help them find various attractions, or volunteer at one of our fundraising events.

If you’re looking for a rewarding and fun way to give back, consider volunteering at the Sanctuary, where people not only learn about Australian wildlife, but wildlife receive the health care and support they need.