Gold Coast Must-Sees for Thrill Seekers

Australia has long been recognized as a popular destination for thrill seekers. Adrenaline junkies who are looking for the next big rush flock to the country each year, exploring the many exciting adventures that the area has to offer.

The Gold Coast is one of the most popular locations for thrill seeking travellers with Surfers Paradise, many national parks, theme parks and extreme sports. If you love adventure and you’re wondering what to do in the Gold Coast, we’ve got some tips for you:

See the Skyline

The Gold Coast offers tandem skydiving where jumpers can experience a full one-minute freefall. Or, if you’d rather get the skydive experience without jumping the full 14,000 feet, you can try the indoor skydiving facilities, where freefalls are super fun and thrilling but a little less scary.

While skydiving is a popular way to check out the Gold Coast skyline, Yak 52 offers a thrilling new perspective; take a ride in Russian military aircraft while your pilot does barrel rolls and loops! Nothing is more thrilling when you’re thousands of feet in the air!

Hang gliding is a fun sport for thrill seekers who want a great view of some of the Gold Coast hinterland.

Water Fun

If you’re looking for some water based Gold Coast attractions, perhaps jet boating or kitesurfing are more your style.

Kitesurfing has grown in popularity amongst those looking for a thrilling yet challenging sport. Navigate through the waves while you control your kite. It’s fun and fast!

Take a ride in a jet boat that cruises through the water at speeds of up to 80 kph, while checking out the coastline.

Or, head to Jetpack Adventures to see what it’s like to be propelled into the air by a backpack that spouts high-pressure streams of water. Fly through the air, dive in the water or ride a bike — on the water!

Theme Parks

There are also loads of theme parks in the Gold Coast, so if roller coasters are your thing, there will be plenty of options. Movie World offers cool, movie themed rides, while there’s also water parks, rally driving and helicopter tours.

If you’re looking for adventure, the Gold Coast is the perfect place for your next vacation. Join the tens of thousands of other thrill seekers who visit this part of Australia each year to push themselves to the limits and to cross another adventure off their bucket lists. Make some memories in the Gold Coast!