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When is the last time you bought a CD or DVD instead of streaming directly from Spotify or Netflix? Today’s consumer is becoming increasingly interested in subscription-based services and the concept is quickly making its way into the automotive space.

Vehicle subscription services are a relatively new way for consumers to access mobility services as an alternative to traditional car ownership. In the subscription-based approach, customers pay a flat monthly fee to a manufacturer or third-party provider in return for on-demand access to several vehicle models. …

These days we are subscribing for literally everything… subscription economy anyone? For example, from music subscriptions to food and now even cars.

Usually, if you want to get a car, there are two ways to get one: Buy or lease. Now there’s a third alternative: car subscription services, like

We are operating in Houston, TX, with the goal to launch in a number of places within the U.S. Currux car subscriptions offer an exciting opportunity. For a monthly fee that includes maintenance, insurance, and registration you can drive a car, usually without a long-term contract.

Let’s take a look…

Rather than leasing a car, a subscription service like Currux allows you to drive a car for an all-inclusive monthly fee. In most cases, it will cover insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance.

What is a car subscription?

If you already subscribe to digital services such as Spotify or Netflix, the auto industry might have a deal for you: Subscribe to your next car as well.

A car subscription is a service where a customer pays a recurring fee for the right to use one or more cars.

Currux is a car subscription startup based in Houston. Currux is a digital marketplace which brings auto dealers…

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Video and music services have become increasingly popular for people seeking to pay a set price for unlimited use of their favorite content. Such subscription services include Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music and Spotify.

Now, a growing number of companies are offering similar subscriptions for something most people are used to owning: cars.

Most of the companies charge a monthly rate that covers the use of the vehicle, as well as insurance coverage and all other costs.

Subscription car plans are mainly aimed at drivers who do not want to have long-term agreements for one single car. …

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As business models are disrupted left and right with the advent of digital technology, the businesses that are able to adapt themselves to a digital transformation will be the first to enjoy increased revenue, profitability, and market capitalization. Moving into 2018, many global companies–automotive manufacturers included–have digital transformation at their crosshairs. One particular transformation making waves across the industry is the idea of car subscription.

Car subscription is being touted as an alternative to buying or leasing a car. With it, subscribers only have to pay a monthly fee to drive a car–no more worrying about insurance, maintenance, depreciation, interest…

Currux is a startup in the digital marketplace bringing auto dealers and consumers together to facilitate single and shared car subscriptions and purchasing of car subscriptions online in real time. This ensures a robust dealer economy while having the potential to reduce consumer cost 2–5 times when compared to individual car ownership.

Currux team built a state of the art digital platform that combines elements of digital shopping and identity verification, with shared economy and social selling.

What is a Car Subscription?

Similar to the way customers subscribe to a service like Netflix or YouTube Red, a carsubscription allows users…

Currux Car Subscriptions

Flexible Car Subscription service for new and used cars. The car ownership model of the future - Available now!

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