The Mosque

The Mosque was built between 1910–1913 at the initiative of king Carol I, for the Muslim people who lived in Constanta.It was also the first building were it was used reinforced concrete. The style is Neo-Egyptian and Neo-Byzantine, it is made out of bricks and stone materials, the dome and minaret are made of reinforced concrete.

The main portal was constructed using stone from Dobrogea, while the door beneath was constructed from black marble inlaid with bronze. The interior columns were constructed from marble from Campulung, so all from Romania. The interior looks really nice also the rugs that are on the floors. I let you enjoy the pics.

The minaret has 47 meters height, the style is Neo-Moorish style and has 140 stairs, I know that’s a lot but when you get up there is such an amazing view.

In the link bellow you can also see the pictures. I hope you enjoy

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