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From my Children’s Book, “B is for Blue Team”

UPDATE: The founder of 1Password responded to this blog after it was posted and explained that the majority of password managers out there leverage Mozilla’s Public Suffix List (PSL) to determine how the domain is to be treated. …


What do you get when you combine Google Images, QR Codes, and Remote Command Execution? This silly project of mine I’d like to share with you all, of course! Building off of my security research from my last couple of blogs, I decided to use my research using dynamic web content to proxy traffic over third party image providers, and try to find a valid bi-directional method for sending data between a NAT’d client and a public server. Alternatively put, I wanted to see if I could build my own crude Command and Control (C2) framework from scratch which proxies traffic through third party image servers (Google, Imgur, Imgflip, etc) all via only encrypted GET requests in order to fool Blue Teams while doing convert Red Team operations. …


On the heels of my last blog when I , I realized that sometimes Gmail, Microsoft 365, and possibly other email providers will mark an email as suspicious simply because an embedded tracking pixel doesn’t really reference an image at all. …


Curtis Brazzell

Passionate geek for Information/Cyber Security! I’m always learning and am happy to contribute anything I can share with the community. Follow me @ Twitter!

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