AESTHETICS INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITY #3: Up Close and Personal (Synthesis)

A person with no imagination is an art that has no meaning, but, a person with imagination is an art that has everything in it. In short, an art that did not begin in imagination is not art.

This past two meetings we were able to figure out some big artist in showbiz and non-showbiz industry. All of them are great, but theirs only three professional artist that got my attention, and they are: Mrs. Maribeth Nicdao, Food Tech., Ms. Angel Hernandez Bisquerra, Art Boutique Owner, and Mrs. Nova Villa, Actress and Comedian. These artist have their own different talents and skills, but all of their outcome is a masterpiece. Maybe a masterpiece or maybe a work in progress. Their similarities are to make people happy, to make something special, to make masterpiece out of their own work and to make something that they worked for. Differences is that, Mrs. Maribeth adds a secret recipe in everything that worked on, Ms. Angel works to live / for the money, Mrs. Nova works to entertain. Sounds similar, right? But that’s what their goals are, when they try to start their passion.

As artist in the society, their roles are to make people understand that art is everything you do when you worked hard for it. To make people understand small things have to be credit too. To inspire people and to understand the meaning of every piece art.

In my career, present or future, I like to be an artist that inspires people to be creative, that teaches people to express themselves, that artist putting everything in it like Mrs. Maribeth Nicdao, and especially that artist that enjoys everything that he/she does. We got the best of both worlds. Make something out pf everything and enjoy.

“A work of art is world in itself, reflecting senses and emotions of the artist’s world.”

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