Honor Thy Father || Reflection

Honor Thy Father, a drama and thriller Filipino movie, starring John Lloyd Cruz. A movie entry for last year 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival. The movie started when Edgar, John Lloyd Cruz, saw a dog looking for a food. He knows that the dog needs the food more than he is, so he gives it to the dog by throwing it beside of his car. Showing that he, as a father, no matter what problems you’re facing, whether you’re an animal, he will always find a way to solve it. Second, is that when he and his wife and daughter was on the church that his wife is praising too much, Edgar seems not interested about the praising thing, maybe because of a one reason? Maybe it is because, you don’t have to praise so much for thing or a religion to make your life better, you should do something not just by praising something but working, a real work, a job. Life doesn’t always depends on something you’re praising it also depends on you. You can’t master your art if you don’t let go something that kills you. Luckily, his family is always there to support him and his wife and daughter in every problem. Edgar shows that no matter how hard the problem it gets, family is family no one can break them apart. How lucky is his family to have him as a father. A father, that protects and defends you in everything.