Back to the 80s

Corey Haim and I were watching “Night Rider” when the phone rang. Since it was attached to the wall, I had to run in the other room and answer it. On my way in the other room, I tripped over an Ewok Village toy that was left there by the kid from E.T. I was hurting, but I had to start dinner. I yelled in the other room, “hey, where’s the beef?” After finding the beef and making dinner for Corey, Elliott, and I, we decided to play some Atari! I wanted to play Asteroids, but Elliott insisted that we play E.T. It made me crave Reese’s Peice’s, so I decided to go for a midnight snack. I put baby in the corner, and I was on my way.

As I was driving, listening to “Charma Chameleon” a weird black van pulled up next to me. A crazy looking black guy with a bunch of gold chains and a mohawk looked at me and creeped me out a bit. Not because of the chains and mohawk, because he was black….Michael Jackson black. I decided to ignore him and run to the convenience store. It was closed, what a convenience, back then 7–11 was open 7–11.

So, with no snack, I decided to just go home. I was getting ready for bed and had to step up on the toilet to reach my new tube of toothpaste. I ended up falling off the toilet and hitting my head…that’s when I came up with the Flux Capacitor. It made time travel possible. The only thing, I could only travel anywhere in the 80's.

I decided to travel to March 10, 1987, to put a stop to my favorite tv show from being cancelled…Fraggle Rock. I was too late, Scott Bakula had Quantum Leaped into my body and couldn’t figure out what the hell I was doing there and ruined everything. The thing you never heard about Quantum Leap, what the hell happened to the person while Scott Bakula was you? Well, I found out, you had to sit in a room and watch the “Revenge of the Nerds” movies.

My next move was a huge mistake, I travelled to January 28, 1986 and got aboard the Challenger Space Shuttle….73 seconds later, I was dead.