Day 100 of the Trump Presidency

From the Boundless Reservoir — April 29, 2017

Hello all.

Well, here we are: at the 100th day of the Trump presidency — and, we’re all still here! Only 1361 days left in the first term.

As I sit and take stock of the past 100 days, both in terms of the presidency and what’s happening in the world, and in terms of my own development, I think I am at startled by what I’ve done, shocked at what’s happened in the world and really educated on a whole bunch of stuff. I started this project with the notion that I had a pretty decent idea of “what was going on.” I kept myself informed. I think of myself as a smart guy, and one with a healthy regard for that it is all “view” (with the caveat, of course, that my view is the right view!). I had never attempted anything like what I embarked on when I first began writing the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president. I must say, I still have a difficult time wrapping my head around the reality that we, as a nation, actually elected him to be the leader of our nation, and to run the government. We did, and boy oh boy, I think we’re only beginning to see how we’re going to pay for what we did!

So, in terms of what I’ve done over this period of time:

- I’ve written some 80 plus posts

- I’ve read (and saved to Drop Box) almost 550 articles and other source material

- I’ve written close to 57,000 words

- I’ve learned more about Steve Bannon and Robert and Rebekah Mercer than I feel I can really stomach

- I’ve learned a ton of stuff — things like originalism as it applies to the reading of the constitution, the nuclear option, the nature of an executive order, and what Scott Pruitt did as Attorney General in Oklahoma to name just a few. Frankly, it’s a bit overwhelming at times! For example, in the “to read” folder in drop box, I currently have 46 articles, which gets get added to daily, that I am going to read! How’s a boy to keep up?

- I started reading conservative news feeds — and came to discover that some of the writing makes sense to me!

- I’ve developed a real regard for Lindsay Graham. I don’t agree with much of his politics, but I like the guy and I think he’s really in the Senate to govern.

- I read a phenomenal book that impacted my view of things enormously (The Righteous Mind- if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it) and am about half way through another (The Rational Optimist) which is re-wiring things in my brain in unexpected ways

- I “tried” to quit twice!

- I’ve had a number of really great conversations with some of you that have been reading

- I started a blog on Medium — which at this point has a very modest number of followers, but nonetheless was a big step for me in terms of expanding the commitment that I be public about what I’m doing

- I went to my first town hall meeting with my representative in Congress (what a great guy! Mark DeSaulnier seems to be there for all the right reasons and seems to be fighting the good fight)

- I’ve discovered that once the habit is developed, writing 800 to 1000 words at a clip is not that hard.

When I decided to resume writing after my first attempt at quitting, I committed to getting to day 100 and to then re-look. Here’s what I see as I look from here: I’m not done. I may not have an original thought or thing to say, I don’t know (and frankly, I don’t think it’s mine to say) — but for me, there is more here. At what frequency I’ll write, I don’t know and won’t say. I suspect it won’t be as frequent, but it might be — we shall see!

There are a few things to say by way of acknowledgement. First, I really only committed to keep writing because of the feedback I got from you. It was apparent that in some quarters, what I was writing was contributing to the general conversation “out there” and in some way supportive in staying informed or in coping with what for many of us seem to be an endless stream of bad (or at the very least challenging) news. Several ofyou have made specific requests or recommendations that have been very helpful. I likely wouldn’t have read The Righteous Mind without Scott recommending it, or the Rational Optimist had John not mentioned it — thanks to both of you. The title of the blog is a direct result of Tom’s input (side bar: I wrestled with your further idea, and decided to stick where it is for now). There are many, many of you to acknowledge — my request is that to whatever degree you find what I’m writing useful, that you take that as your acknowledgement! It is you that find it so, and for me, that speaks volumes about you, and the relationship we have here in cyberspace.

The question then is: where do we go next? Well, he’s still president, and the administration is still doing “stuff” that for many of us ranges from troubling to downright criminal. When this grand experiment called the United States and the associated Constitution was put together, it was built upon the presumption of an informed citizenry — that without that, a representational government in this form would not work. Maybe it isn’t working as the founders envisioned — it sure seems to me that it pretty damn broken. But it also seems to me that there is no shot at it fulfilling on the possibility that it is without us being informed!

So, I’ll keep going — and you’re feedback, to whatever degree you’re moved to provide feedback, is welcomed and is in fact empowering beyond what I suspect you know. Thanks for reading. Thanks for taking on the spirit of the Love Army, and for doing the work to keep yourself connected to the Boundless Reservoir of love that underlies it all, and standing there, reaching for that which is eternal, timeless and expresses all the is miraculous about life.

Love you all. See you here in this space real soon!