Day 53 of the Trump Presidency

From the Boundless Reservoir — March 15, 2017

EIYAYEI! I have no idea where to start today. How to keep up to speed on everything that’s happening, while at the same time staying sane and doing those things that need to be done is a big damn challenge! There is so much happening on the one hand, and on the other hand, so little of the key agenda is being accomplished. I don’t know where to think from today. I’m filled to the brim — overflowing, with all that’s happening, with what’s being said, the unbelievable wildly divergent views you get when you read The Nation versus when you read The American Spectator. It really is no surprise that the people that read the conservative publications have a completely different view of what’s going on in our country than do the people that read the progressive journals. What’s happening is the same for the WSJ, the NYT, the Guardian, the National Review, the CSM, etc., etc., etc. as it is for Rachel Maddow and Bill O’Reilly. But, depending on what you read or who you watch, you get a very, very different take. And, it takes time and energy to get to what actually happened, what they actually said, what they actually did. I think it takes not letting ourselves get discouraged or being too riled up. It takes keeping some modicum of peace at the center. I can’t encourage you enough to develop a regular practice for keeping yourself sane! I also encourage you to explore views that are really different than the view you most hang out in.

In the face of all of it, I’m doing my best over here! As much as possible, I’m getting source material wherever possible and am trying to read from as many different sources as possible, and keeping it all housed in the drop box folder. But, boy howdy, it takes work, doesn’t it? And, to keep my sense of humor intact — well, now, that’s really something!

The new travel ban, just issued, is already struck down in vehement terms by a judge in Hawaii, and Trump has already taken to the airwaves decrying judicial overreach. The ACHA bill is dying fast. On March 8, Paul Ryan said “I have no doubt that we’ll pass” the new bill, because “we will keep our promise” and today, he acknowledges that it won’t pass as it is written. The administration is getting completely bogged down in the attempt to repeal and replace, and are coming to grips with the mess they have on their hands. Those Republicans up for re-election in 2018 are running from Trump and the ACHA as they know how wildly unpopular it is with their constituents. It is not pretty.

All that being said, there is one thing I do want to say a bit about. First, though, there are two YouTube videos I ask you to watch — they’re both quite short. The first one is of Representative Joe Barton of Texas telling one of his constituents at a town hall meeting to “shut up.” You have to watch it to believe it. (linked at the end)

Then second is a video where a Republican Party chair, at a town hall meeting in Florida, explaining why he is against the ACA (it’s the death panels!). You have to watch it to believe it!! (linked at the end)

This is totally insane. Do these people not know that everything they are saying at these town hall meetings is being captured on someone’s phone and then posted to the web? More of these get posted every day. It is lunacy out there. People are upset and the Republican legislators have no idea how to deal with it. As a reminder, this is NOTHING like the Tea Party. That was a fringe group taking down mainstream Republicans. 2018 is going to be a very, very interesting election year.

Here’s the thing, though, there are things happening of real consequence that are going to impact all of us. This quote in an article in today’s NY Times entitled Large Sections of Australia’s Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find. Terry P. Hughes, director of a government funded center for coral reef studies at James Cook University in Australia and the lead author of a paper on the reef that is being published Thursday as the cover article of the journal Nature, said “We didn’t expect to see this level of destruction to the Great Barrier Reef for another 30 years. In the north, I saw hundreds of reefs — literally two-thirds of the reefs were dying and are now dead.” This is a very, very big deal. I have linked to the article here.

This is the same sort of language scientists are using for so many things happening on this precious planet of ours. And, this while Trump has taken action to fill just ONE key science post out of 46 key scientific and technology positions that is up to him to fill. As best as I can tell, this administration does not value science.

That’s it for today. Take good care of yourself! Keep your sense of humor alive! Find the absurdity in all of this, find ways to laugh at it. Do something to expand your brain. At my piano lesson today, I got an entirely new access to study — I’m so excited about it. And, don’t forget to love. Create loving as something really, really important and then practice it.

See you tomorrow.



first video — Joe Barton

second video:

Article on coral reef bleaching