When a Tokenized “Atomic” swap of tokens for bitcoin is done the bitcoin must currently be sent to the Smart Contract Agent (SCA) address and the SCA then disburses the bitcoin to the recipient when it approves the transfer, or refunds to the original address if the transfer is rejected.

We don’t ever want the Tokenized Smart Contract Agent to need to hold bitcoin, at least no more than basic tx fees to function. sCrypt provides us a good option to fix this via their higher level language, IDE, and sample code.

So this contract can be unlocked in three…

CoinGeek Conference Live (2020)

A sneak peek of the soon-to-be-released desktop app.

During James’ presentation at the CoinGeek Conference Live 2020, he showed a sneak peek of the Tokenized platform. It was short and sweet, but there was actually a lot going on behind the scenes that I would like to provide some insight into.

To sum up the demonstration, James drafted and formed a smart contract that issued some tokenized assets — coupons in this case. He then exchanged those newly issued coupons for some tokenized pounds in an on-chain atomic swap with Scott, our Backend Lead Developer. …

Curtis Ellis

Tokenized Software/Protocol Developer https://tokenized.com/

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