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They will actually beat the Cavs in 6. In fact, they will beat the Spurs in 6 and Golden Gate in 6 as well. Durant will get hurt against the Jazz and miss the WCF's whule Curry will tweak his ankle in the second game against the Rockets and proceed to play terribly for the rest of the series leaving Klay as the love offensive force against the offensively gifted Rockets. Love will get hurt in the ECF's and miss the finals. Starting with the Spurs, the Rockets won't play another team at full strength (all will be missing key starters) which paves the way for the Rockets to win an otherwise unlikely championship. And for kicks, Westbrook wins the MVP, Gobert wins DPOY, D'Antoni wins COY, and Saric (surprisingly) wins ROY. I could give you all the awards but let's suffice it to say that Houston's number is called a couple more times. No I am not that guy from the future that you talked about ... but I did happen to get the chance to see the future.