A brief, New Year overview of what we do for all of our new friends and followers.

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Farmer: “This is really hard to explain…”
Future farmer: “What do you mean?”
Farmer: “The idea is to show what it’s actually like to live on a farm.”
Future farmer: “Well what if I’m not sure I actually want to farm.”
Farmer: “We put together opportunities and designed programs so people can see what farming is all about regardless of where they are on that spectrum…

A Moon In The Pond Farm Recipe

How to Cook a Grass-Eating Chicken

Roasting a Real Chicken

There’s an industrial chicken, and there’s a real chicken. They’re radically different (see “The Chicken Rant” below.) Naturally, those differences make cooking and eating different! First it’s important to understand that a real chicken will have a texture distinctly other than mushy — more ‘tooth’ — because the birds have actually been able to walk and scratch and run around on pasture foraging for grass and bugs. …

The crew goes to Farm Aid

Not an average day on the farm!

We were invited to Farm Aid 2018 in Hartford. Not so much the concert, but to set up a booth in the “Homegrown Village”. And for six hours Saturday, that’s what we did.

Farm Aid started over 30 years ago by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp as a benefit concert to aid American farm families facing foreclosure. Over the years the day-long concert has developed lots of ways to connect with local agriculture and help small farmers. Many of the food concessions must include locally…

Summer time is the time to cut hay. If you’ve driven through the rural U.S. in summer you’ve probably observed part of this seasonal cycle. So, Hay! what’s the deal? At Moon In The Pond Farm, hay isn’t just something for the cows to chew on. Nope. It’s a learning opportunity. We spend hours teaching interns and apprentices the many facets of haying. What can go wrong and (more importantly) how to do it right.

Cutting hay isn’t like mowing your lawn (even if you’re using a giant zero turn mower to do it). …

Farm Education

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